Superior global connectivity for flight deck and cabin

SwiftBroadband (SBB) is one of our flagship services for business aviation and commercial airlines. Offering reliable inflight voice and data connectivity with global coverage that is always available to meet the core needs of users.

Business Aviation

SBB is a proven, dependable way to stay connected, regardless of which aircraft type is being operated or which route is being flown across the world. This helps to ensure the needs of business aviation passengers and crew are being met, from in-seat mobile phone and text services to emails, browsing and media streaming. With consistency and performance by design, it has been the world’s leading L-band service for business aviation since 2009.

Commercial Airlines

SBB also brings enhanced operational efficiency for commercial airlines through IP connectivity. From optimising flight planning and reducing fuel burn to minimising risk and avoiding unscheduled maintenance, a connected aircraft and operational network makes aviation safer, less expensive, more efficient and ultimately more sustainable.

SBB delivers speeds up to 1.7 mbps. It’s highly secure and compatible with government-grade encryption standards, and it can operate alone or alongside our Classic Aero service. SBB hardware is available in a range of small, lightweight, low profile options.

Optimum connectivity on demand

SBB is powered by our L-band network, which has underpinned global safety services for over 40 years. With abundant capacity, full redundancy and unrivalled cybersecurity, no other provider can match our guaranteed network availability, of over 99.9% globally.

Because we are the owner and operator of the network, we can be more responsive to the needs of our customers, now and in the future. What’s more, our long-term commitment to SBB will be further cemented by two new, advanced L-band payloads, which are scheduled to enter orbit from 2021. These will be the most powerful L-band satellite payloads ever launched and form part of our visionary, fully-funded technology roadmap.

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