For the major mining company in Australia’s outback that wants to enhance the safety of workers in remote pits. For the mid-tier that wants visibility of its remote fleet with real-time telemetry data. For the junior that wants to automate assets in areas without terrestrial connectivity. Only Inmarsat can deliver the services and solutions to transform the way you work at all stages of the mining cycle, from exploration to mine, to mill and on to distribution.

Safety and sustainability

Our heritage is in safety services. It is in our DNA. This is why we are bringing our expertise to the sector to support you and your commitment to Zero Harm. We know that technology can play a key role in helping you achieve this, but technology is only as strong as the connectivity that underpins it.

With our connectivity services and solutions, we provide the tools you need to not only better manage on-site safety, but also comply with environmental governance and fulfil your corporate social licence to operate. Whether it is monitoring fleets, staying in contact with exploration teams in remote pits or monitoring closed tailing storage facilities, we ensure you are proactive instead of reactive when it comes to safety.


Is the search for tomorrow’s key deposits keeping you awake at night? Whether it is navigating remote regions, crossing borders, safety and security, fast sample analysis or maintaining communications with base, we understand how testing exploration can be. Yet, these challenges are exacerbated without access to reliable connectivity. This is where we are helping miners overcome their exploration challenges, to speed up the exploration process.

With our portfolio of connectivity services and solutions, you can connect your exploration operations like never before. Whether it is using our IsatPhone 2 handsets to keep in contact with remote workers and ensure their safety or deploying our BGAN service to gain greater insights into drilling analytics, we have got you covered. 

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Stay connected with your remote teams, no matter where they are in the world.


Ultra-reliable voice and data communications to support you and your operations, no matter where you are in the world.

IsatPhone 2

Our powerful, dependable and rugged satellite phone connects you wherever you are on the planet.


A connected mine is a smarter mine. A smarter mine is a more profitable mine. Yet, a smarter mine relies on reliable connectivity to work. Without reliable connectivity, you can’t automate assets in remote locations. Without reliable connectivity, you can’t see key metrics such as speed, braking force and fuel consumption across your fleet and work to improve efficiencies. We’re here to make all this possible.

We make access to reliable connectivity simple, wherever you might be. Whether you need to monitor vehicle telemetry data from trucks on-site or understand the performance of your excavators, Inmarsat’s connectivity services and bespoke solutions enable you to react quickly to efficiency risks and keep operations optimised at all times.


Optimising supply chains is no easy task. All too often trains and ships move through areas without reliable connectivity resulting in inefficient operations, and sometimes accidents, which damage profitability as well as reputation. Working with Inmarsat you can have the tools you need to understand where your shipments are at all times, enabling smarter decision-making and developing more transparency and trust in your supply chain.

We are the only provider who can track your goods from pit to port, to customer with ease. Whether it is keeping trains connected and operating safely in areas lacking terrestrial connectivity or understanding where your shipments are at all times, our connectivity services and solutions can help you and your supply chain stay secure, stay efficient and stay profitable.

Why Inmarsat? 

  • Global coverage: We have you covered with connectivity and support wherever you are. We have a presence in over 60 countries and partner networks which span the globe.
  • Reliability: We operate the most reliable satellite network in the world. With over 40 years of experience, we understand your industry and the unique challenges it faces in today’s world.
  • Security: We are committed to highly secure operations at all times. Our privately-owned satellite network is managed by cybersecurity experts 24/7/365.


  • Increase efficiencies: Our services and solutions help you understand exactly what resources you are expending, where your people and machines are and exactly what they are doing, no matter where they are globally.
  • Health and safety: Safety is at the core of everything we do. We can help you monitor and communicate with your remote workers, wherever they are located. By choosing our remote monitoring solutions, you can make yourself proactive instead of reactive.
  • Increase revenues: Our services and solutions can help you produce more efficiently. We enable automation anywhere on the planet and can provide the vital insight you need to make smarter, more informed decisions.  
  • Big data: With Inmarsat, you don’t need to make major investments into fixed network infrastructure to get the most out of your data. We can help you move, store and make sense of your data in a cost-effective way, no matter where you are. 
  • Improved environmental performance: Through environmental monitoring and solutions designed to ease the burden of monitoring tailings facilities, both active and decommissioned, we can help position you as a leader in sustainability. 

Case studies

Case study: Ivanhoe Mines

Ivanhoe Mines works with Inmarsat to improve driver safety at the world’s largest high-grade copper mine

Case study: Mining major

Resource Exploration Solution delivered a managed service, enabling far-reaching connectivity for a mining major's global exploration programme.