How can inflight connectivity realise its full potential?

The vast potential of inflight connectivity to transform global aviation has never been in doubt. Passengers have increasingly demanded an affordable, high-quality broadband experience in the air, the kind they take for granted on the ground. Airlines want to meet this requirement and find ways to monetise the digital inflight experience. And sponsors, advertisers, retailers and affiliates recognise the value of passengers as a captive audience with a higher propensity to purchase during flights.

And yet, solutions that have attempted to effectively join up these dots have either been too complicated, too expensive, or both. Over the last few years, we’ve been talking to the industry to try and break this disconnect. Fundamentally, we have asked them one question: what do they need to ensure the true potential of inflight connectivity is fulfilled?

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A single point of digital entry to drive monetisation

Working alongside our unrivalled partner ecosystem, we have developed a new connected platform that will meet the industry’s principal requirements – unlocking ancillary revenue streams and enhancing passengers’ digital experience.

This complete solution is OneFi, a smart, customer-centric and cohesive platform that differs from other portals because it’s built with connectivity at its heart. It is uniquely designed to drive monetisation through targeted content, digital commerce, advertising and sales-lead generation. These capabilities are built into the portal to maximise conversion rates across a range of contextual services.

Delivered directly to passengers’ trusted personal devices, an engaging user interface hosts myriad inflight services, such as Wi-Fi access, food and beverage ordering, online shopping, entertainment, destination information, contextual offers and much more.

Additionally, OneFi is backed by advanced analytics to enable continuous optimisation. This provides a real opportunity for dynamic airline brands to attract new partners outside traditional aviation services and enter lucrative adjacent markets such as content partnerships and advertising channels.

Meet OneFi...

Design led portal

Connectivity centric

Integration of services

Optimisation through data

What’s in it for…


This is a real commercial opportunity for airlines. The untapped potential of ancillary revenue can finally be realised as OneFi brings together all inflight services and partners under one roof. This wide range of relevant features enable brand marketing, calls to action and sales-lead generation. Think of it as a one-stop shop to monetise passenger experience.

To enable this monetisation, OneFi offers a huge range of off-the-shelf capabilities: connectivity, ISP; airline-branded GUI; CMS; back-end integration; ad server; sponsorship real estate; data capture; payment configuration; passenger list acquisition; languages; crew app and analytics platform. The portal component was developed with Display Interactive and enables partnerships with many different service providers and the seamless integration of the airline’s own services and content.


Even before recent global events, passengers no longer viewed inflight broadband as a nice-to-have, but a must-have. The worldwide pandemic has only accelerated this trend. Connected services are integral to rebuilding passenger confidence.

This reliance on and the reassurance of connectivity is central to OneFi. The passenger-centric platform is set up to use available data to support new levels of personalisation for every passenger, providing a richer, more relevant inflight experience.

A win-win-win for passengers, airlines and advertisers

OneFi is a step change for inflight connectivity monetisation. By bringing together a host of inflight services under a single portal interface, we’ve created the complete digital platform for airlines to truly utilise and make money from inflight connectivity.

Passengers get a richer, more relevant experience. Airlines get a comprehensive and flexible platform that turns a cost into a commercial opportunity. This increases the return on their inflight connectivity investment. Finally, advertisers and retailers get access to a captive audience with a more relaxed attitude to spending.


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