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Powering connectivity at sea for over 40 years, we know exactly what’s at stake when sailing across the world’s oceans. It’s our mission to keep you connected, anytime, anywhere, without compromise. From container ships and LNG carriers to fishing vessels and leisure yachts, we strive to bring you unrivalled end-to-end maritime satellite communications you can rely on regardless of what vessel you operate.

Fearlessly innovating we never stop extending possibilities. With our next generation of high-speed connectivity, we’re opening up a new world of digitalisation at sea. Powering a revolutionary ecosystem of cutting-edge applications designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you want to streamline vessel operations, optimise your route planning or just phone home, we are there for you, always. Delivering truly global maritime satellite services you can rely on voyage after voyage.

Built on the foundations of safety, our marine satellite solutions are trusted by hundreds of thousands of mariners every single day to provide a critical lifeline when disaster strikes. We are proud of our heritage and continue to innovate and support the highest standards of maritime safety. With over 99.9% network availability, you can rely on us no matter what. Saving lives at sea since 1979.

Focus on


Find fish faster and smarter to help you net the best profits. Instant access to fishing data and weather updates.


Streamline the operational performance of your fleets with globally available high-speed mission critical satellite connectivity.

Offshore and energy

Make the difference to stand out in the crowd. Extend the reach of your onshore capabilities to the seas.


Unrivalled, uninterrupted high speed satellite communication to keep your passengers, crew and vessels connected from anywhere in the world.


Endless possibilities to give your guests the ultimate onboard experience without interrupting operational performance. Connectivity you can rely on no matter where your voyage takes you.

Our satellite solutions for maritime

Never before has the maritime industry faced such growing pressure to be more competitive, reduce emissions, cut costs and prevent cybercrime. But with these challenges comes a greater opportunity to define a new outlook for the industry. A new smarter, safer and greener environment for our industry and our people to flourish. That’s why we’re working with you every step of the way. Together we can forge a stronger future to improve standards in operational performance, safety, security and crew welfare. Building a sustainable and resilient maritime industry of the future.


Open up a new world of digitalisation at sea. Powering the growth of IoT and emerging applications onboard.


We enable the maritime industry to optimise operations, reduce emissions and monitor data for greater decision-making ability and shoreside transparency.

Crew Welfare

Help prevent isolation and loneliness at sea. Supporting tens of thousands of mariners to a lifeline back home.


Defending the safety of all mariners anytime, anywhere, without compromise. Saving lives at sea for over 40 years.

Cyber Security

Untangle the dangers of the dark web. Your guide to the growth and impact of cyber criminals at sea. 

Sustainable Fishing

Safeguarding the future of our global fish stocks and the safety of those working at sea with the latest onboard Vessel Monitoring System. 


Discover the power of Fleet Xpress, right from vessel launch

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    Our maritime satellite communication services

    Fearlessly pushing boundaries to open new doors, we’re always working to deliver flexible industry-leading services to support the needs of our customers across the world. From basic coastal voice and data solutions, to a truly global, high-speed always-on connection, we work with you, for you.

    Unlocking a new world of digitalisation at sea, our next generation of pioneering high-speed marine solutions are key to making the digital ship a reality. Releasing the power of big data and trailblazing a new ecosystem of cutting-edge applications onboard, we never rest on our laurels to drive excellence in operational performance, safety and sustainability. People are at the heart of our industry, so we work tirelessly to support crew welfare initiatives and enhance passenger experiences. Never be out of touch with us. Your trusted global satellite partner, delivering connectivity anytime, anywhere, without compromise. 

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      Inmarsat Connects

      Inmarsat Connects

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