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Maritime crew welfare systems that keep crews connected.

Inmarsat has been a critical lifeline for protecting lives at sea for over 40 years. As world leaders in global mobile satellite communications, we are tireless in our mission to support the safety, welfare and mental wellbeing of over 1.65 million individuals at work across our oceans every day.

Satcom solutions for evolving communication needs

The impact of the internet has undeniably changed our lives forever. We are now digitally connected in almost every aspect of how we live – from how we communicate and share information to how we purchase goods and conduct personal banking. This is no different for the hundreds of thousands of seafarers busy keeping our global supply chain fulfilled. Today, seafarers don’t have to put their lives on hold while at sea – being digitally connected is no longer a comfort, but a human right.

Unprecedented times

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic plunged the maritime industry into an unforeseen global crewing crisis – thousands of seafarers were left stranded in port, with thousands more not knowing when they would be able to work. Never before has the sector experienced a humanitarian challenge of this magnitude. There has never been a more important time to highlight and support the welfare and wellbeing of our mariners.

Maritime crew welfare partnerships

Championing the voice of the seafarer, we work in partnership with leading maritime welfare charities, seafarer organisations and suppliers to inspire change and raise the standard of living onboard. We are always looking at ways to support the sector and ease growing pressures placed on crew. That’s why we have partnered with Shell and Thetius to launch a new innovation competition  promoting and funding novel ideas to support safety, ease fatigue and improve overall wellbeing at sea.

Keeping mariners connected with crew communication systems

We have been defining connectivity at sea since 1979, continuously investing in our satellite infrastructure to keep mariners and vessels connected anywhere, anytime, always. We were the first to provide voice services at sea over 20 years ago. We revolutionised crew communication offering crew internet access with the introduction of FleetBroadband in 2007. Today we’re providing high speed access for all with Fleet Xpress. Long gone are the days where accessing the internet at sea was a costly task involving waiting in line for the only PC onboard. With Fleet Hotspot, we’re taking crew communication to the next level with simple, accessible WiFi packages for all. Achieve a new standard of life onboard with limitless potential to enhance wellbeing at sea with a digital lifeline home. 

Seafarers In The Digital Age - Prioritising The Human Element In Maritime Digital Transformation

As fearless innovators we strive to stay ahead of the latest trends and studies to support crew welfare.  In our research report Seafarers in the digital age - we explore the nexus between humans and digital technologies at sea, this report examines how greater connectivity will enhance experiences for seafarers.  We look at how digital technology is poised to advance the seafaring profession and not displace it.

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