While it may feel like we are increasingly living in a world without borders, the fact remains that maintaining border security is a key responsibility for government agencies. Inmarsat enables the efficient security and protection of national boundaries.

Communicating from distant frontiers can sometimes be as difficult as reaching the borders themselves. Inmarsat connects the world's borders.

Our global constellation of satellites delivers seamless broadband data and high-quality voice services worldwide, to border security officials and agents operating on land, at sea and in the air.

The new millennium has seen the complexities of border protection grow exponentially. Border protection agencies now need to contend with issues such:

  • An increase in international trade and customs concerns spawned by the growth in e-commerce
  • Amplified focus on disease control and international transfer
  • Regional incursions on territorial waters and airspace

This is as well as the more traditional concerns such illegal fishing, drug trafficking, illegal immigration and coastguard emergencies. With global coverage from our Global Xpress and L-band services, maritime border agencies can securely monitor and survey far beyond their own borders, as well as assisting in multinational operations to counter piracy, drug smuggling and people trafficking.

In an increasingly connected world, we help operational teams stay in contact with home ensuring that crew welfare systems are as seamless to the end user as they have always been to operators in the command and control space.

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