Pioneering global satellite communication at sea since 1979, we know just how important it is to be connected. Connected to safety when high winds prevail. Connected to colleagues when a job needs to be done. Connected to loved ones when you’re in need of a virtual embrace. That’s why we’ve dedicated the last four decades to delivering an unprecedented level of 99.9% satellite availability to connect you to shore in the most extreme conditions across the world’s oceans. So when you’re sailing beyond the reach of land-based networks, we go the extra mile to guarantee reliable, crystal clear voice calls and messaging from anywhere, anytime, always.


Combining simultaneous phone calls, SMS messaging and basic data transfer of up to 2.4kbps, FleetPhone is the cost-conscious choice for voice and data communication you can depend on.

  • Safety first: Created with safety in mind, the FleetPhone puts you in direct contact with a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) in times of need with free 505 Emergency Calling. Its built-in GPS receiver will instantly send your GPS coordinates so you don’t have to worry about sending any complicated messages when disaster strikes. Sail with confidence knowing your passengers, crew and vessel are in safe hands.
  • Accessible to all: Capable of connecting multiple users, there’s no need to wait in line until your fellow crew member has finished calling. Whether you need to call home, send an email, access your voicemail or message the office, stay connected with the simultaneous connection of up to five standard corded and cordless phones. Flexible options for prepay and post-paid calling with multi-lingual support puts the FleetPhone within easy access to all.
  • Choice of hardware: Designed specifically for tough maritime environments, FleetPhone hardware is lightweight and durable and is available in a choice of two easy-to-use models;
    • Ocean 800: an all-in-one communications terminal for voice, SMS and low-speed data communication. Supporting multiple users and free 505 Emergency Calling, this model features a rugged maritime-ready IP54 rating and is ideally suited to commercial, fishing, leisure and government vessels.
    • Ocean 400: a slimline entry level terminal for simple voice and SMS communication. Ideally suited to workboats, fishing vessels and leisure yacht when sailing outside cellular coverage.


It’s a tough life working onboard global shipping fleets; long shift patterns, limited crew and the social isolation of being away from family and friends for months on end can take its toll on the productivity and wellbeing of crew. With Inmarsat’s ChatCard, crew have the freedom to stay in touch with life back home with affordable easy to use pre-paid calling cards/e-cards.

  • One global rate: Seafarers no longer have to wait until unsociable ‘off-peak’ times to call home with cost-effective pricing at one global rate, all day, every day. Offering the flexibility of only paying for what you use, credit can be topped-up at any time with no hidden charges.
  • Easy to use: Available in multiple denominations and in multiple languages, ChatCard and eChatCards are easy to use with simple step-by-step instructions printed on the card. Rest assured your credit is safe with a unique PIN number for added security. Never be out of touch again with uncomplicated, affordable and secure crew calling anytime, anywhere.


When you need to contact a vessel that’s out at sea, we’re offering a convenient shore-to-ship connection to any Inmarsat satellite terminal, anywhere in the world. Designed for land-based mobile phone users and ship management companies in countries where the local telephone operator cannot access the Inmarsat satellite network, MobileLink is your communication gateway to dependable, clear voice calls.

  • Cost-conscious shore-to-ship calling: Make calls to vessels at a fraction of the cost of standard operator tariffs. With no costly hardware required or additional fees, simply pay for what you use in one convenient monthly statement.
  • Practical and simple to use: Easily reach your vessel with straightforward voice prompt instructions, available in multiple languages. Ideal for Smartphone and office PBXs users, simply save long dial strings into your phone contacts to avoid arduous repeated typing of codes.   
  • Choice of two versions:
    • MobileLink Flex: Dial the Local Access number, enter your Account Number and PIN then dial the vessel
    • MobileLink Secure: Dial the Local Access number and enter your Account Number and PIN to automatically reach a vessel with a direct 1:1 account link.

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