When Viasat acquired Inmarsat in May 2023, this strengthened our organisation in this challenging environment. In our now combined organisation we are pleased… richer cultural diversity, people from different backgrounds,  has created even more diversity within our organisation, and we have continued continuing our work on improving diversity, equity and inclusion for people from all backgrounds, and we have recently celebrated International Women’s Day with our inaugural Women’s Summit, a week-long series of events aimed at further elevating the conversation around gender equity in the workplace.

Our 2024 UK Gender Pay Report outlines the progress we made in 2023. When compared to the previous reporting year, our gender pay data has remained stable, and although the bonus gaps have increased compared to 2022, it is encouraging to see a reduction in the median pay gap of over 2%. The mean pay gap has decreased by 0.1%, however our median pay gap has decreased by more than two percentage points, from 19.8% in 2022 to 17.2% in 2023.

Once again, the proportion of women in the organisation remained stable at 29%, however the work that we have been doing to help mitigate any unconscious bias from key people processes – including hiring – appear to be effective since the proportion of women now being hired into the organisation is at 34%.

While we still have work to do, and as we continue work to re-establish our DEI priorities in our new organisation, we remain fully committed to closing the gender pay gap.