At Inmarsat our employees play a vital role in ensuring the success of our business and we’ve created our compensation and benefits package to provide a broad range of offerings to suit an individual’s lifestyle. This is under regular review to ensure we stay aligned to the requirements of our workforce.

Your personalised benefits package will depend on your position, location, and other eligibility requirements:

icon-people-development-150x150 icon-people-development-150x150

People development

icon-education-support-150x150 icon-education-support-150x150

Education support

icon-awards-150x150 icon-awards-150x150

Employee award recognition

icon-fitness-150x150 icon-fitness-150x150


icon-pension-150x150 icon-pension-150x150


icon-health-150x150 icon-health-150x150

Health and wellness

icon-employee-assistance-150x150 icon-employee-assistance-150x150

Employee assistance programme

icon-rewards-150x150 icon-rewards-150x150

Staff discounts

icon-maternity-150x150 icon-maternity-150x150

Family leave

icon-volunteering-150x150 icon-volunteering-150x150


icon-cycle-150x150 icon-cycle-150x150

Cycle to work scheme

icon-ticket-loan-150x150 icon-ticket-loan-150x150

Season ticket loan

We are transparent around our policies and firmly believe in making work work for everyone. As part of our commitment to be inclusive we foster an environment that supports giving back to society and enables flexible working to systematically provide a favourable work place to those with commitments outside of work: helping carers, parents and volunteers find balance. 

In some geographical locations these are adapted locally to align to local laws and work council regulations.


In other parts of the world general frameworks are adopted and adapted locally to align to local laws and practices.