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Unlock the potential of global connectivity with Inmarsat’s innovative satellite communications networks.

Our mission is to enable the connected world and keep people safe, no matter where they are through our resilient, global, mobile satellite connectivity solutions for critical decision-making, real-time analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, safety, sustainable operations and more.

Connectivity from space 

Our satellite networks, 36,000 km above Earth, are powering global mobility services for governments and maritime and aviation industries, as well as IoT solutions for enterprises such as transportation, utilities, energy and agriculture, to drive operational efficiencies, sustainable growth and welfare.

Our world-leading satellite communication networks touch every aspect of life.

Inmarsat owns and operates 14 next-generation satellites in geostationary orbit, with a further five satellite launches planned by 2025 to provide additional coverage and capacity for our seamless, global mobile connectivity.

Discover how our satellites in orbit are delivering award-winning, diverse connectivity solutions for operational, safety, and mission-critical connectivity to organisations, governments, and individuals around the world.