Global, multi-intelligence gathering operations from airborne platforms

Modern ISR operations require simultaneous sharing and receiving of real-time information. Inmarsat delivers the broadband link that ensures situational awareness.

At the core of every successful ISR mission is the timely and reliable transfer of data, be that the delivery of situational awareness from the operational source to HQ, or the transfer of communication and data between HQ and operation teams.  Inmarsat is the conduit that guarantees the certainty of communications to allow this seamless transfer anywhere in the world, with no need for advanced planning or location reporting.

ISR services for interoperability across air, land and sea

No matter how fast, secure and reliable your communications link, your ISR system is dependent on a complete answer - not merely a list of components. We work with local partners, end-users and leading technology providers to deliver world-class ISR solutions. With our global constellation of satellites, highly reliable connectivity, seamless mobility and secure communications links, our satellite network allows your ISR architecture to operate across your air, land and sea assets, thus maximizing your operational effectiveness.

Unmanned operations

UAVs and USVs are increasingly being used for ISR missions. Current developments in satellite technology have seen Inmarsat ISR system services being utilised on these very small airframes to deliver situational awareness back to HQ. We have worked with partners to develop bespoke satellite-based communications solutions that allow ISR activities to be rapidly relocated and deployed as necessary within a broad area of operations.

Eye in the sky

As satellite communications have become smaller and more efficient, so too has their role in aeronautical information gathering gained momentum. Inmarsat has access to a number of advanced surveillance technologies that enhance situational awareness and deliver real-time intelligence.  With the cost efficiency of each sortie exponentially increasing based on the information that can be transferred in flight, Inmarsat’s Air services are increasingly seen as a capability multiplier for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. 

How Inmarsat enables critical communications in the air
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Radio comms beyond line of sight

Utilising your existing in-service tactical radios to provide Beyond Line of Sight (BLoS) communications allows quick response from hotspots and enables your teams on the ground to stay connected far beyond traditional radio range.

Inmarsat’s L-TAC service offers the unique capability to provide single-hop L-band relay from a global constellation of geostationary satellites. The service complements existing UHF or VHF channel availability over a leased L-band channel to provide reliable voice and data connectivity independent of local infrastructure.

The BGAN PTT service harnesses the power of Inmarsat’s award-winning I-4 network to connect radio controllers via a mobile, magnet mounted terminal – increasing connectivity and providing communications certainty.

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