At Inmarsat, we are driven by a mission to connect people and organisations around the globe to a better future through our world-leading satellite communications services. And how we do business is just as important, which is why we are equally committed to our corporate social responsibility.

Our values

We are driven by a sense of purpose – the desire to make a difference for our customers – rooted in what we can achieve for the good of society.

We believe in actively creating an inspiring culture, underpinned by a core set of values.

We ARE Inmarsat – with a core set of values that guide and shape the way we work, behave and respect each other:


We take ownership, get results and deliver on our promises to our customers and each other.


We collaborate, embrace diversity and value differences.


We create bold solutions for our customers. Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Annual report

Subsidiary reporting

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Corporate Governance Statement

See our Corporate Governance Satement

S172 Statement

Our S172 statement

Stakeholder statement

Effective engagement with stakeholders at Board level and throughout the business is essential to enable us to meet our strategic purpose and our business objectives.

Tax Strategy

Inmarsat is managed conservatively and professionally, complying with applicable tax laws in all territories we operate in.

Environmental, Health & Safety

Inmarsat are committed to eliminating accidents and preventing pollution. The Environmental, Health and Safety policy statement aims to show how we manage our Environmental Health and Safety awareness and actions within our workplace. It demonstrates the steps, arrangements and systems we have in place to ensure we comply with both our moral and legal responsibilities.


Cyber Security

Our industry-leading cyber framework and 24/7 monitoring and encryption capabilities provide the security and resilience our customers demand from their satellite communications. 

Gender Pay Report

Inmarsat is fully supportive of the drive to be more open and transparent about gender pay.

Modern Day Slavery Act statement

Inmarsat is fully committed to minimising the risk of modern slavery in a global economy today.

Our Values

Supplier Code of Conduct

Inmarsat ensures that its supply chain is robust and operates ethically through its Supplier Code of Conduct.