Enabling your jet to realise its maximum potential

The high net worth individuals – Principals – that comprise business aviation expect the best. And when it comes to choosing an inflight connectivity solution for them, only one connectivity service enables a private jet to fulfil its maximum potential: Jet ConneX (JX).

JX guarantees the true freedom promised by business aviation. It enables Principals to maximise their time and productivity no matter where they are flying. And it ensures a consistency, reliability and reassurance that only the gold standard solution can deliver.

Global coverage without the risk

JX is our market-leading business aviation inflight Wi-Fi solution, with advanced capabilities that can support all types of online activities, from video streaming and live TV to video calls, large file transfers and VPN.

Powered by our global Ka-band satellite network, JX offers the most extensive coverage of international flight routes from any business aviation connectivity solution in the market. This consistent and seamless high-speed connectivity ensures the best-in-class experience wherever a Principal flies.

And when every second of a Principal’s flying time is invaluable, removing concerns about unpredictable Wi-Fi performance is critical for operators. The reassurance JX guarantees means that Principals can live life uninterrupted.

As the only inflight broadband solution to offer guaranteed data rates globally, with upgradable bandwidth, JX truly sets the industry standard for reliability and passenger experience. 

Unbeatable performance guaranteed every time

We have been the aviation industry’s trusted connectivity leader for 30 years. As the owner and operator of the world’s only fully-redundant global Ka-band satellite network - with unparalleled consistency, reliability, resilience and cybersecurity - we have complete end-to-end visibility and control, enabling us to be more responsive to the unique requirements of our business aviation customers. 

And we work hard to stay ahead of the curve, by constantly innovating and introducing advanced next-generation technologies. By 2023, as part of our visionary and fully-funded capacity roadmap, we will have 12 satellites in orbit. This makes our Ka-band network the most resilient and future-proof in existence. 

It also enables us to be the first provider to have offered a service performance guarantee, thanks to our superior bandwidth, coverage and redundancy. JX is the only business aviation solution to offer a global Committed Information Rate (CIR), consistently offering well in excess of guaranteed speeds.

As our customer data requirements rise, we offer upgradeable bandwidth, which provides flexibility to adapt to change and maximise return on investment.As the only inflight broadband solution to offer guaranteed data rates, with upgradable bandwidth at an affordable price, JX truly sets the industry standard for reliability and passenger experience. You can also rest assured that our inflight connectivity solutions use best-in-class hardware that maximise the resale value of your asset.

The evolution of JX

But we’re not stopping there. Our ground-breaking JX Evolution programme has been launched in direct response to the evolving needs of business jet passengers. It has already resulted in a number of existing service plan being upgraded to deliver customer benefits such as increased upload rates at no additional cost. This ensures growing passenger demand for high-definition video conferencing on collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom is met.

In addition, we have launched the first in a new series of advanced, high-end service plans that offer even greater performance, speeds and value for money. Now available through our global network of business aviation distribution partners, JX Edge has already gone live with several customers around the world and will be followed by additional new service plans in 2023.

JX Evolution will leverage our existing global Ka-band satellite network and the highly successful JetWave terminal by Honeywell. Customers will also benefit from further performance enhancements with the introduction of more Ka-band satellite payloads and upcoming next-generation terminals by Satcom Direct and Orbit. These are compatible with a wide range of business jets, using cutting-edge technology and lightweight designs to optimise performance, reduce costs and simplify the installation and maintenance processes.

JX partners delivering all-round excellence

We only work with partners that share our dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation and global delivery.

Our network of service providers – including the industry leaders Satcom Direct, Honeywell and Collins Aerospace - offer tailored service plans on a monthly subscription basis, as well as 24/7 technical support, billing and value-added services to help manage usage and optimise bandwidth.

Proven technology available on all large jets

We now have Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) on over 30 aircraft models and over 1,000 installs globally. These STCs cover all intercontinental-size jets that need global coverage.

If you want the freedom to fulfil your jet’s maximum potential; if you want to fly free of geographical and/or capacity restrictions; if you want gold standard business aviation inflight connectivity every time… then it’s time to choose Jet ConneX.


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