With a growing surge of ship applications and innovative technologies, from vessel performance to condition based monitoring. Spurred on by the need to optimise maintenance, monitor fuel emissions and manage costs, Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is driving innovation and growth.

But how do you remain in control of your data, release its true potential and turn it into meaningful, actionable intelligence?

Intelligence that is cost effective, improves efficiency, sustainability, safety and compliance, and is future-proof for innovation?

Maritime digitalisation made easy

Fleet Data is an IoT (Internet of Things) platform that transforms how you collect, transfer, store and analyse onboard data, for quick, performance-based decision making and historical benchmarking across an entire fleet.   

The platform is sensor and supplier agnostic, meaning it’s compatible across a wide range of devices, third-party suppliers and applications. It provides a clean process and infrastructure with endless possibilities to support you now, set you up to tackle complex challenges and take full advantage of future innovations as they evolve.

Clear data ownership - your data, your choice

You are always in full control of your data metrics. You can create, automate, and control your reports, set or remove sharing permissions and decide what data you want to share. All within a customisable dashboard that also allows you to quickly and securely use third-party applications and share reports with shore-side teams.

Fleet Data benefits

  • Full ownership and autonomy over reports and metrics
  • Customisable sharing permissions
  • Securely transfer data
  • Improve efficiency with automated data reporting
  • Benchmark data across a single vessel or entire fleet 
  • Control costs with a subscription-based package including hardware and secure dedicated bandwidth (free of charge)
  • Connect with any sensor supplier – you decide

An all-in-one package

Fleet Data gathers your chosen sensor data from onboard equipment and/or the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and enables you to transfer it to a central, cloud-based database over our dedicated secure bandwidth. 

With its own integrated hardware, infrastructure and dedicated connectivity package for effective bandwidth management, sending large volumes of vessel data to the office won’t impact your business-critical communication, or result in extra airtime costs.  

Fleet Data offers four scalable subscription plans to suit the digital needs of your vessel today, which you can easily upgrade as your data needs develop. 

Fleet Data is available for new and existing Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband customers.

No hidden charges

There are no hidden costs. You won’t be faced with an unwieldy bill and there’s no need to add solution-specific hardware per application provider, resulting in considerable installation cost savings. 

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Real world examples

Fuel savings

The goal for many is fuel saving as part of both business and sustainability objectives amongst many vessel operators.

Making fuel saving is now a top priority for many maritime companies.  The difficulty is understanding metrics such as fuel consumption and how to maximise fuel efficiency.

Nautilus, managed to help shipping Merchants such as Eastern Pacific Shipping achieve fuel savings of 30.5 MT (metric tonnes). This is a 4% uplift in time charter equivalent earnings and a 95 MT reduction in CO2 emissions – that’s the same as taking 21 average family cars off the road for an entire year. All through data extracted from our Fleet Data platform.

Efficient decision-making

Fleet Data has also proven to help shipping companies make faster and better-informed decisions.

North Sea Shipping recently transitioned from manual reporting to high-frequency data extraction via Fleet Data, and has been using the VPS Maress software application for several years on its vessel North Sea Giant.

This approach has led to CO2 savings of 9% in 2021, equal to more than 3,000 tons of CO2, as presented in North Sea’s recent ESG report for 2021. Another of their vessels achieved more than 10% emission reductions in 2022, leading to an impressive 11.8% fuel reduction in 2022 compared to its own historic baseline.

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