Get the most out of your data

The digital ship is becoming a reality but with so many sensors and applications onboard, just how do you make sense of it all? 

There’s no doubt about it, the world of onboard digitalisation is here with a surge of ship applications and emerging technologies, from vessel performance to condition monitoring. Spurred on by the need to meet emissions targets and manage costs, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to drive cost savings of 14% to the maritime industry by 2023 (Inmarsat Industrial IoT Research Report, 2018). But how do you release this potential and turn data into meaningful, actionable intelligence quickly and cost effectively? How is it possible to transfer data back to shore for analysis without causing congestion to your ship’s bandwidth or affecting your bottom line? 

One single platform for all your data 

With Fleet Data we’re helping you make performance-based decisions quickly and transforming how you collect, transfer, store and analyse data onboard. 

Coming with its own integrated hardware, infrastructure and connectivity package, Fleet Data is a true enabler of digitalisation for shipping, optimising performance across an entire fleet or a single vessel. Sensor data from onboard equipment and/or the voyage data recorder (VDR) is collected and securely transferred to our central cloud-based database using its own dedicated bandwidth. From here, data is available to the ship operator and multiple Inmarsat Certified Application Providers to analyse and use to improve efficiency, sustainability, safety and compliance. 

Opening up a world of data analytics 

Automate, pre-process and share data with shore-based teams and application providers quickly and efficiently from your dashboard using our secure, class-approved, central cloud-based database. Using its own dedicated bandwidth, sending large volumes of vessel data to the office won’t impact your business-critical communication and there’s no hidden costs so you won’t be faced with an unwieldy bill. There is also no expensive solution-specific hardware per application provider which means significant savings on install costs. 

Customise your dashboard and create your own reports and metrics to benchmark data across your fleet or from just a single vessel. Collecting and using data from your vessel needn’t be a challenging or time-consuming task again, allowing you to focus on the important decisions to enhance efficiency, safety, compliance and sustainability.

An ecosystem of applications at your fingertips

Unlike any other IoT platform, Fleet Data is supplier and sensor agnostic and has a rapidly growing application provider ecosystem which means that operators no longer need to invest in individual supplier solutions.

Available for existing Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband customers, Fleet Data offers three scalable plans. Choose which package suits the digital needs of your vessel today, knowing you can upgrade as your data needs to develop.

Fleet Data, your complete end-to-end solution for data collection, automation, and ship-to-shore communications, driving business intelligence and decision making. 

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