Transitioning from a land-based office to an ocean going work environment without onsite IT support can pose some challenging questions: How can I access business-critical emails if my IT network goes down? Will I lose my data if my ship’s connection cuts out? How can I ensure my email account is safe from the dangers of the dark web at sea?

Building a resilient globally available work environment, while juggling latency and bandwidth concerns with remote access and cyber security fears, is not easy. With Fleet Mail we’re working with leading maritime communication specialist GT Maritime to deliver a secure, stable, cloud-based email service designed to meet the unique demands of the remote maritime environment.

Optimised for use at sea

Fleet Mail aims to maximise productivity onboard, so you can rest assured your work will not disappear if you lose power. Simply restart from the exact time of disruption to the precise point you left off. There’s no need to be concerned about breaking connection when transitioning in and out of port either; Fleet Mail will automatically switch between Inmarsat’s satellite networks, LTE, 5G and mobile connectivity, so you can confidently continue working.

Easy to use web-based interface

Making life easier for remote IT teams and crew alike, Fleet Mail is a simple-to-use web-based tool. Accessible across any device (desktop PC, tablet or smartphone) and any front-end client (such as Outlook) your crew can simply connect and start working immediately in a familiar working environment. For complete flexibility to easily adapt existing workflows and corporate protocols, you can control message flows, set up pro-active alerts, automate reports and archive vessel position data and messages for up to seven years.

End-to-end security as standard

Don’t let the growing threat of cybercrime at sea infiltrate your email system. Fleet Mail integrates advanced security features as standard for complete peace of mind. Protect your vessel and crew from the costly dangers of malware, viruses, spam and social engineering attacks with multi-layered detection engines. Never let your guard down with end-to-end security you can depend on. If you need an extra level of security beyond email, check out Fleet Secure Endpoint to protect and defend every entry point into your vessel’s IT network.

‘1 click’ set up and diagnostics

Fleet Mail is quick and easy to install with ‘1 click’ set up. There’s no need for any IT support or hardware, simply install anywhere at any time. Flexible to run on the latest Linux and Windows operating systems, Fleet Mail makes it easier for shore-based IT teams to step in remotely for diagnostics and resolution should any IT queries be logged.

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