Wi-fi without compromise - the fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi for North American airlines and their passengers

In a strategic collaboration that will transform inflight connectivity for North American airlines and their passengers we have joined forces with Hughes Network Systems, the global leader in broadband satellite networks and services, to launch the ground-breaking connectivity solution, GX+ North America.

This unique connectivity service is unlike anything available from any other satellite provider as it ensures passengers on North American airlines will have access to gold standard connectivity wherever they fly.

The inflight broadband service passengers have long demanded

By seamlessly integrating the unrivalled capacity of the Hughes JUPITER™ High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) constellation across North America with the extensive worldwide coverage, redundancy, and reliability of our Global Xpress (GX) HTS satellite network, the connectivity expectations of today’s digitally-savvy, always-on passengers will be met. The service they receive in the air is comparable to that which they enjoy – and take for granted – on the ground.

Not only is this great news for the region’s flyers, it’s of critical importance to the area’s airlines too. No longer will carriers have to compromise their Wi-Fi services on intercontinental flights. Now they can provide seamless, reliable and high-speed inflight broadband for the entire duration of the flight.

And whereas inadequate bandwidth had previously frustrated the best efforts of those involved in unlocking the commercial possibilities of connected service innovations, the ultra-high capacity offered by this single solution enables such potential to be realised. This means maximising the value of additional revenue streams such as retail, premium content, sponsorship and advertising. Additionally, airlines can now offer free Wi-Fi and be assured capacity will be met.

A new terminal ensuring a seamless experience

The flexible integration at the heart of GX+ North America allows passengers to get the best-in-class connectivity experience at every point in their journey.

The new terminal from GDC Technics includes a robust flat panel antenna developed by ThinKom. With its light weight, low drag, and smart dual aero modem technology, the terminal is truly next-generation. Its antenna intelligently selects the optimal network ensuring seamless switching and uninterrupted connectivity. While over continental USA passengers will connect to Hughes’ JUPITER satellite fleet. When a plane leaves US airspace the system automatically switches to our resilient Global Xpress network, thus ensuring reliability, consistency and certainty to the passenger experience every time.

The dynamism of GX+ North America is also bolstered by the fact that it can layer capacity when required – over busy airport hubs for example. In addition, the flat panel antenna intelligently chooses the optimal satellite path so there are no service interruptions or delays.

A solution that is future-proofed

GX+ North America’s fully-funded technology roadmap means aviation’s changing needs – from both airlines and passengers – will continue to be met. By 2025, the combined constellation of GX and JUPITER satellites will double to a total of 15 spacecraft.

These satellites – including Hughes’ ultra-high capacity JUPITER 3 satellite and our seven next-generation GX satellite payloads (6A, 6B, 7, 8, 9, 10A & 10B) – will increase capacity and coverage across the globe including providing polar coverage.

A catalyst for profitable recovery and sustainable growth

Connectivity is vital for returning passenger confidence and the future health of aviation. GX+ North America will not only play a critical role in reassuring passengers that it is safe to fly again in the coming years, it will also enhance passenger experience and allow airlines to take advantage of the ancillary revenue streams offered by high-quality connected services.

GX+ North America is a testament to our strategic vision and proof that amazing things happen when the industry’s best collaborate.


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