Frustration-free connectivity in ports and coastal areas

The average vessel spends up to 40% of its time in port or coastal areas, therefore it’s important to always have the best possible connection. But in these congested, built-up areas with many vessels competing for a connection, that hasn’t always been possible.

Fleet Reach changes all that by delivering superior, reliable coastal connectivity. 


Save time, trouble and money

With Fleet Reach there’s no need to worry about getting dongles or new contracts. Instead, it automatically connects to local high-speed LTE, constantly scanning signal quality to make sure your vessel is on the best connection.

Whether for work or play, your crew will enjoy a superior, simpler and more secure experience. And because Fleet Reach offers one of the fastest and reliable maritime connectivity services, you can make considerable time and productivity gains.


How do you get Fleet Reach?

Fleet Reach is one of the comprehensive range of maritime services offered to our Fleet Xpress & Fleet LTE Offshore customers.

Simply specify that you want Fleet Reach to be part of your Fleet Xpress package.  


Key features

Control costs

One contract makes it much easier to control costs. And if a vessel reaches the limit of the allowance you set for Fleet Reach, connectivity reverts to Fleet Xpress VSAT connectivity.

Stay connected

Inmarsat’s ‘Intelligent Orchestration’ synchronises multiple technologies, seamlessly switching to LTE up to 10 nautical miles from the coast – keeping vessels connected all the way into port.

High speed and low latency

Fleet Reach ensures less buffering and faster file transfer times, giving crews frustration-free connectivity on data-intensive tasks.

Watertight cyber-security

Inmarsat offers safe and secure satellite connectivity, meeting the maritime industry’s cyber security standards.

Simple set up

Fleet Reach is simple to set up. Start by requesting Fleet Reach when choosing your Fleet Xpress suite of services.

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