Interviews can be a nerve jangling experience and all manner of things can play a part in causing that unique feeling of nervousness. This is your opportunity to showcase your talents and suitability for your dream job and you want to ensure that you do everything right and give yourself the best chance of being offered the role.

But what about in these times when a whole host of new challenges present themselves with virtual interviews taking place from your home or where you can concentrate? We have put together a hints and tips guide for virtual interviewing to help you prepare and perform at your best.

1. Preparation

In normal times you may have requested your interview to be during your lunch break or made arrangements with your current place of work to arrive late in the morning or leave early in the afternoon. In the current environment you may now need to consider a time that works around family or other commitments. It’s just as important that careful consideration is put into arranging a suitable time.

Give yourself plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the technology. There are many different platforms out there and whilst they all do a similar job, the set up and login process may differ. Trying to figure this out five minutes before the start of the interview might add some unhelpful anxiety.

Be comfortable and have the laptop or camera set an angle that captures your head and shoulders.

Much the same as you would in a “traditional” interview, please feel free to take notes and even better, share what you prepared in advance of the interview. Our interviewers are trained to explore candidates’ research and preparation, and will be more than happy to see or hear about it.

Remember, interviewing is a two way process so always feel confident to prepare and ask questions about us and the role you’re being interviewed for.

At Inmarsat, we may offer the world award-winning and innovative technology but what we can’t do is offer you a refreshment! Do make sure you have something to drink to hand throughout your interview.

As part of the interview confirmation email you will be asked if you require any reasonable adjustments for this interview. Please let us know. It’s important for you and we also want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

2. The interview

Be you! We want to hire the right person who shares our beliefs and values. Build rapport, ask questions and take time to understand and get to know the interviewers. After all they could be your next boss and we could be your next employer for years to come so it’s just as important for you as it is for us.

We understand that you’re at home or in a place that you wouldn’t usually consider having an interview. If your child makes an appearance or wants to be part of the interview please don’t be concerned, we welcome saying “hi” and if a loved one, family member or pet makes an appearance too don’t worry. These are unprecedented times and remember, we’re working from home too so the same may happen to us, in which case please feel free to wave and say hello to them!

Unfortunately we can’t show you around our fabulous offices. But what we can do is describe them. We have wonderful diverse and inclusive working environments across the globe and we want you to picture yourself being part of it. Ask the interviewers to share details.

3. Next steps?

Once the virtual interview process is complete you can sit back and relax and reflect on what we hope was a very positive candidate experience.

We will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the interview and share feedback, we’d welcome your feedback too.  

As always, our hiring teams will be on hand to assist you with any questions relating to the interview or other opportunities at Inmarsat.