The global Ka-band network built with government customers’ specific needs in mind

Airborne, naval and land forces need to operate seamlessly, enabled by secure, reliable communications wherever the mission arises. All this is possible with high-capacity bandwidth Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) – the first global Ka-band network, delivering secure, end-to-end wideband connectivity for mobile operations worldwide.

Built specifically with government customers in mind, GX is also the first global commercial network that is interoperable with MILSATCOM Ka-band networks, providing resilient, worldwide augmentation. So you can integrate GX smoothly into your own platforms or adopt it as a standalone solution. G2X is our government specific GX service that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of government agencies globally.

In any operation, reliability cannot be compromised. Inmarsat offers unprecedented levels of availability through a unique combination of Ka-band and L-band technology within a single subscription. It's the only multi-band satellite network of its kind.

  • G2X Air

    G2X Air is designed for the government aeronautical user and comprises five standard plans that are available with both a 99.5% and 95% CIR SLA. The plans are available in 1, 6, 12, 24 and 36 month commitment terms and come with a monthly data allowance based on the CIR/MIR combination.

  • G2X Land

    Standard Plans

    G2X Land is our GX land offering specifically designed to meet the requirements of government agencies globally.

    G2X Land comprises 10 standard plans that are available with both a 99.5% and 95% CIR SLA. The plans are available in 1, 6, 12, 24 and 36 month commitment terms. 

  • G2X Sea

    G2X Sea is the maritime offering specifically designed to meet the requirements of government agencies globally.

    G2X Sea comprises 10 standard plans that are available with both a 99.5% and 95% CIR SLA. The plans are available in 1, 6, 12, 24 and 36 month commitment terms. Each G2X Sea plan offers optional FB failover with an Inmarsat Type Approved NSD.

No matter the theatre of operation, we connect those who protect

As the military communications sector evolves, so too do we continue to augment and support defence applications with innovative connectivity solutions that provide milsatcom certainty whether during electronic warfare or out on mission. We've been supporting sailors, soldiers and aircrew to carry out their duties on military operations for many years.

Morale and welfare

Crew wellbeing and morale and military quality of life have gained increasing focus in the defence sector with the proliferation of smartphones and devices in general society. It is recognised that a connection home for deployed service personnel is no longer a luxury, it is now considered a necessity in order to both attract crew and for crew retention. Inmarsat has worked with end user clients across the world to deliver a G2XSea system that allows for an improved means of keeping in contact with their families and the rest of the world during deployments, all while ensuring that the mission commander has access to the necessary bandwidth required for command and control applications.

Logistics support

Real time supply chain management allows a logistics commander to stay connected with vital, and sometimes scarce, supplies while on mission. By integrating logistics tracking applications into Inmarsat’s broadband land, maritime and airborne solutions, you can control the supply chain all the way back to the point of embarkation, and even monitor the condition of stores in transit via our M2M solutions. The opportunity to stay connected with these stores and the mission teams puts the control of essential supplies in the hands of those most in need.

Just-in-time maintenance of critical assets can also be realistically achieved through our M2M services. Monitoring equipment status remotely makes maintenance planning a more efficient activity, even for such simple tasks as refuelling. And with today’s logistics support chain extending to the defence equipment supplier, this monitoring enables specialist support at the front line.

Coalition operations

Today's coalition commanders operate in a complex, multinational environment with responsibility for land, maritime, and air assets deployed to any region of the world. Inmarsat’s wide portfolio of satellite communications services is recognised as being part of their key force-enabling technologies.

We provide services that can help maximise your operational effectiveness and chances of mission success, by delivering secure, reliable mobile broadband services that enable true interoperability on a global basis – on land, at sea, and in the air. Coalition forces across multi-national countries can also be connected through our global, mobile, completely flexible network.

As we understand that every government has its own requirements, bespoke packages can be created to address specific needs such as

  • meeting a bespoke CIR/MIR combination that sits outside our 10 standard airtime plans
  • the requirement to use a non-Inmarsat type approved NSD due to government security
  • the ability to group together multiple vessels to share a CIR/MIR capacity

To request pricing for a bespoke package combination please contact us <link> to help us work with you to understand the requirements and deliver a bespoke offer that will meet your operational needs.

GX: the next generation

Inmarsat’s GX network was initially launched in 2010 and achieved full global service coverage in 2015, creating the world’s first and only unified global mobile broadband network. Operating in the Ka-band, Global Xpress integrates seamlessly with our L-band network to deliver powerful and reliable connectivity anytime, anywhere. The GX6-10 satellite launch programme is the next phase of GX’s evolution, enhancing global mobile broadband coverage with a transformation in network capacity and service capability and ensuring GX remains at the forefront of commercial satcom innovation. The I-6 F1 launch in December 2021 was the first in this exciting phase which will see the launch of another six satellites by 2024.

Fully deployable flat panel terminals

The L3 Harris Darkwing and Paradigm SWARM are discreet flat panel communication terminals that connect at high speed and in any location; even the most remote. Designed with NGOs military units and first responders in mind, the terminals are super-moveable and compact and can access Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network in seconds. The SWARM requires no tools or training to deploy. It was designed for rapid connection by non-skilled users via a manual pointing process, using the built-in audio feedback and visual crosshairs of the PIM (Paradigm Interface Module). Like the SWARM, the Darkwing also acquires the network by intuitive pointing, using its L3Harris ViewSat-e GUI and visual indicators for adjustments, to connect via a user-friendly front panel display. 2590 military batteries are compatible with The Darkwing; up to three can be connected in series, giving up to three hours of off-grid power, offering extreme operating flexibility. Easy to stow, both terminals are robust and rugged enough for use in even the harshest of conditions, allowing you to access the speed of Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network wherever you are.

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