When you offer inflight Wi-Fi, you are making a promise to keep passengers connected. Breaking that promise can damage your brand and diminish customer loyalty.

When you offer inflight Wi-Fi, you are making a promise to keep passengers connected. Breaking that promise can damage your brand and diminish customer loyalty. 

Inmarsat is a leading inflight Wi-Fi service provider and with GX Aviation, your airline doesn’t just get access to award winning inflight broadband, purpose built for the aviation industry, you also get three unbreakable promises from Inmarsat: coverage, capability and certainty. 

GX Aviation gives you the confidence to promise reliable connectivity for every single passenger, on every single flight. That’s why GX Aviation is already trusted by many of the world’s leading airlines including EmiratesLufthansa, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic, AirAsia, Saudia, China Airlines and more.


In an industry where uncertainty isn’t an option, GX Aviation delivers seamless global coverage across all the world’s flight paths – with certainty. Certainty backed by seven dedicated satellites in orbit and a further five scheduled to launch by 2025, regulatory approval in more than 200 countries and global network of ground stations. And GX Aviation’s layered and targeted capacity also ensures that airlines and their passengers receive reliable, high-speed connectivity wherever and whenever they need it – even over high traffic areas.


Inflight connectivity has made the permanent shift from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have’ for your passengers. Alongside this, demand for data rich applications continues to rise. GX Aviation allows you to not only meet this demand but also exceed expectations by offering the gold standard of inflight Wi-Fi that satisfies even the most data-hungry flyers. 

With a constant and seamless connection from GX Aviation, you can enable the next generation of inflight services. You can give your passengers the ability to browse the internet, work, stream, scroll, shop and much more. You can even bring services together within a single interface like OneFi – Inmarsat’s connected passenger engagement platform

This isn’t just great news for your passenger experience and brand reputation, it gives your airline a critical competitive advantage too. Ancillary revenue from connected inflight services is estimated to be worth $30bn by 2035 – and with GX Aviation you have the power to stay ahead of this curve. It allows you to monetise the inflight experience from end-to-end, unlocking new revenue streams through content and retail partnerships, e-commerce and sponsorship – and experiment with new pricing models like free inflight Wi-Fi at the same time. 


GX Aviation guarantees your airline’s connectivity with service level agreements across all your flight routes whilst defence-grade cyber-security – trusted by over 90 governments around the world – protects your connection. 

And it is all backed up by a dedicated support team for your airline. You’ll have a key contact and a team of technical experts on-hand, 24/7/365. No debating with chatbots. 

With GX Aviation, you also have the certainty of a future-proofed network. Inmarsat’s fully funded roadmap for expansion includes the launch of three next-generation satellites - GX7, 8 & 9 – which feature 1,000s of independent beams of different sizes, bandwidth and power. These beams can be reconfigured and repositioned across the globe in real time to direct surges in capacity precisely where and when it’s needed – from demand hot spots to individual aircraft – minimising dropouts and maximising connected activity inflight. Additionally, the launch of GX10A and 10B will provide the world’s first and only mobile broadband payloads dedicated to the Arctic region and will seamlessly integrate with the GX global network for aircraft travelling across Arctic flight paths. 

And all of this will be underpinned by Inmarsat ORCHESTRA, our multi-dimensional network that will integrate our proven geostationary Global Xpress and ELERA networks with the two new GX payloads in highly elliptical orbit (HEO), a small targeted low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation and 5G terrestrial mesh technologies to create a single transformative connectivity solution. 

In short, this means the highest overall capacity worldwide and at high demand hot spots, and a future-proofed path for continual innovation that eliminates the vulnerabilities of a single technology solution.

What do passengers expect from inflight connectivity?


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