Engineered for aviation and built to go the distance

Engineered and purpose-built to meet the unique needs of aviation,  award-winning GX Aviation is the world’s first and only inflight broadband solution with reliable, seamless high-speed global coverage provided through a single operator.

Powered by our wholly-owned and operated Global Xpress satellite network, GX Aviation is available to passengers flying with several of the world’s leading airlines, including Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic, AirAsia, Norwegian, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, Avianca and many others.

Seamless, reliable, resilient

GX Aviation is Built To Fly. In an industry where uncertainty just isn’t an option, GX Aviation delivers assurance and a commercial advantage that the world’s leading airlines can rely on. In addition to offering seamless global coverage, it provides layered and targeted capacity to ensure that airlines and their passengers receive consistent and reliable high-speed inflight broadband, wherever and whenever they need it.

Passengers receive the gold standard of inflight Wi-Fi, satisfying even the most data-hungry flyers and allowing them to seamlessly browse the internet, stream videos, check social media, shop online and more during flights. This is great news for passenger experience and brand reputation, providing airlines with a critical competitive advantage. 

Unlocking commercial possibilities

We have decades of experience delivering innovative and market-leading aviation connectivity services, which means we can help airlines maximise the commercial possibilities of inflight connectivity. In addition to empowering the vast potential of connected ancillary revenue, GX Aviation can provide considerable operational cost benefits, helping airlines to not only make money but save it too.

Our outstanding Global Xpress partner ecosystem – each one an industry pioneer – ensures airlines get the best experience every time, with an unwavering focus on expert, end-to-end service and support structure. 

A future-proofed service

Thanks to an unrivalled and fully-funded technology roadmap, GX Aviation is both adaptable and scalable, so it can quickly and efficiently meet the coming needs of aviation. In the near future, airlines will benefit from a series of major enhancements to our Global Xpress network, with the current constellation of five satellites being boosted by seven additional payloads, representing a transformative step-change in inflight broadband capabilities.

This upcoming GX6A and 6B satellites will augment global coverage with greater depth of capacity in regions of greatest demand. Next, the ground-breaking GX7, 8 & 9 satellites will be more powerful, flexible and scalable than any before, using dynamic beamforming to target thousands of individual beams in real time (backed by predictive AI). These will be followed by the innovative new GX10A & 10B Arctic payloads, which will be the world’s first and only mobile, broadband payloads dedicated to this region and a perfect match for aircraft flying in higher elevations and across the Arctic.

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