You can put your trust in us. We are a pioneering, technology-driven company – the leader in global mobile satellite communications for over 40 years.

We own and operate the world’s most reliable satellite networks, including our own fleets of advanced communications satellites, ground infrastructure and terminals. Every minute of every day, we supply superior voice and data connectivity to customers across land, oceans and skies.

For over four decades, we have driven innovation in our industry. Strong, agile and diversified, we are ready to meet the world’s growing connectivity demands, both now and for the future. To provide even more capacity and agility – and to ensure that our partners’ and customers’ investment in our services is secure for years to come – we have a fully-funded technology roadmap which will see us launch a further seven satellites over the next four years and significantly expand our ground network.


Our communications network of the future that will deliver unprecedented performance and enable ground-breaking new services, in new places, for global mobility customers.


Our global, narrowband network is inspiring new possibilities and powering the fastest L-band speeds for IoT, safety and mission-critical services.

Our roadmap

We never stop innovating and investing in space technology to meet the ever-increasing connectivity demands of our customers.


We fly 14 high performance satellites in geostationary orbit delivering seamless safety and broadband voice and data services around the world.

Ground network

Our ground network directs traffic between our satellites and terrestrial networks such as the internet or phone systems in the blink of an eye.