Inmarsat’s aquaculture management solutions provide the tools you need to monitor and remotely control conditions at your fisheries to produce optimum yields, from anywhere in the world.  

Customer challenge

Managing fisheries is no easy task. Small changes in water quality can be the difference between a successful harvest or a bad one. Even today, isolated, far-flung locations and sudden changes to environmental conditions can make it impossible to gain complete visibility of your farms. Well, not any more. We are changing how you monitor your fisheries by providing you with the connectivity you need to improve yields, reduce costs and increase sustainability.

Our solution

With our solutions, managing remote fisheries has never been so straightforward. Our connectivity supports the real-time monitoring of key environmental metrics for fisheries located anywhere in the world. Working with our global partners, we bring you real-time alerts of changes in conditions that could affect growth rate and yield.

Built to your requirements, our solution displays real-time readings based on dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia, temperature and salinity levels, in a simple application so you can make informed decisions faster than ever before. Depending on the capability of your equipment, remote control of oxygenation and other management systems can also be integrated.

Connectivity services

To ensure you can keep collecting data, our partners connect your existing or new sensors using the best combination of Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), IsatData Pro (IDP) and BGAN services at the edge. We manage the transfer of data from the farm to a cloud-based dashboard via our highly reliable L-band network, which IDP and BGAN work on. Both are unique in the satellite world as they allow two-way communications, allowing monitoring and control.


  • Real-time monitoring application: Visualise all of your key metrics in real-time, so you can understand conditions on your farms wherever you are operating.
  • Real-time alerts: By actively monitoring your aquaculture projects in real-time, the application will alert you to key changes in conditions so that you can respond accordingly.
  • Global coverage: Reliable, global coverage with 99.9% uptime through our L-band satellite network, ensuring you stay connected at all times.
  • Installation, training and support: Our expert teams provide installation, training and support throughout the lifecycle of the agreement, ensuring you are always connected.


  • Improve yields: Our solutions help you respond quicker with real-time data insights, enabling you to optimally manage stocks.
  • Reduce costs: Streamline your operations by reducing the need for costly and potentially hazardous manual monitoring of remote sites.
  • Increase sustainability: Be better positioned to comply with regulatory standards by reducing fish mortality and damage to the surrounding environment.

Aquaculture Management Case Study

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