Seamless voice and broadband data communications certainty for operational communications and crew welfare. 

Seamless voice and broadband data connectivity powers ship to shore operational communications and a morale-boosting link to home for service personnel. Inmarsat’s maritime satellite connectivity is relied on by governments around the world for operational communications and safety services. With thousands of vessels choosing Inmarsat for global, secure simultaneous broadband data and voice solutions, we connect ship to shore regardless of position or conditions at sea.

G2X Sea - built for Government

Global Xpress is the first global Ka-band network from a single operator. Built specifically with government customers in mind, the service brings even greater bandwidth and faster speeds to deliver secure end-to-end wideband connectivity for naval operations.

G2X Sea is our maritime offering specifically designed to meet the requirements of government agencies globally.

G2X Sea comprises 10 standard plans that are available with both a 99.5% and 95% CIR SLA. The plans are available in 1, 6, 12, 24 and 36 month commitment terms. Each G2X Sea plan offers optional FleetBroadband failover with an Inmarsat Type Approved NSD.

ARA Libertad

In 2019 Argentine naval cadets travelled 23,000 miles on board the tall ship ARA Libertad on a goodwill voyage visiting 15 ports in 10 countries, including London. While at sea, the young sailors kept in touch with home - and the football results! - thanks to Inmarsat Global Xpress connectivity.

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