Enabling the connected world

Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for over four decades. We connect communities, companies and countries where and when they need it most – on land, at sea and in the air.


We live in a highly connected global society, where the smart devices we carry everywhere give us constant access to our digital lives.

But what happens when you board a flight or set out to sea? What if you work in a remote region or have a thirst for adventure that takes you out of reach of landlines and cellular networks?

And, critically, what if you are from the 49 per cent of the world’s population who remain out of reach of this vibrant digital society, with no broadband access at all?

Inmarsat’s global mobile satellite communications services and solutions answer the demand for reliable connectivity – wherever and whenever it’s needed.

We work with our customers to solve their hardest connectivity challenges. Cargo ships transporting essential goods across the oceans. Airlines meeting passenger demand for Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet. Governments relying on mission-critical satcoms.

From connected cities, ships and planes to remote IoT operations, our satellite broadband services are transforming whole industries and creating better futures.


Our networks

You can rely on Inmarsat to be there, when and where you need us.

Our award-winning ELERA network covers the globe and delivers unrivalled availability. We connect people and machines in remote locations, on board ships and on planes. We power the global Internet of Things (IoT), voice calls and internet access for fast, reliable data.

Global Xpress (GX) is the first and only mobile high-speed broadband network from a single, trusted provider to seamlessly span the world. GX is evolving to meet ever more complex demands, with even more capacity, capabilities and operational agility to come.

The European Aviation Network(EAN) is the world’s first integrated satellite and air to ground connectivity network. EAN combines satellite coverage with a complementary LTE-based terrestrial network to deliver cost effective in-flight Wi-Fi in the busy skies above Europe.

But we won’t stop there. As the world’s experts, we continue to deliver new innovations and capabilities. We will launch a further seven satellites and reinvigorate our ground network by 2024 – making the best even better.

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