Customer challenge

Remote workers from a variety of industries brave hostile environments to perform critical activities. Engineers conducting well-head maintenance, fixing mining machinery or attending to outages on remote grids work in some of the world’s most remote regions and do essential jobs that help companies function. In these regions there is often a lack of reliable cellular connectivity. This means communicating back to base to send data diagnostics, to ask for technical guidance or to ask for medical help can be impossible.

The consequence of not being able to send data diagnostics back to base might be that a company is not able to tell there is a problem with a pipeline. The inability to get realtime technical guidance means that an expert will need to be flown in to mend a fault. The result of not being able to call for medical help could be far worse.

Our solution

To ensure you stay connected, you need the most reliable land connectivity solution. Inmarsat’s BGAN provides data and voice connectivity and works everywhere for people who work everywhere. Created for safety services and trusted by militaries globally, BGAN uses Inmarsat’s L-band satellite constellation, which provides up to 99.9% uptime, in any continental location aside from the far poles, even in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, where other satellite types can struggle.

With BGAN, you can supply your remote teams with a portable, dependable and affordable way of transferring data and staying in contact with colleagues, no matter how remote. Available in a range of compact, affordable, rugged and highly portable terminals that are smaller than a laptop, BGAN allows remote workers to quickly get connected, without the need for any technical expertise. All you need to do is point your BGAN at the satellite to produce a Wi-Fi hotspot you can use to connect to your laptop or smart device, enabling use of the internet for applications such as video collaboration, web browsing, email and voice.

With Standard IP data speeds of up to 492kbps and streaming speeds from 32bps to 800kbps, our BGAN services can also support other smart devices, such as wearable headsets. This can help bring subject matter experts thousands of miles away to the root of the problem, ensuring remote technical workers can respond to issues efficiently and safely. 

Our global partner network are experts in utilising our BGAN service to support the right solution for your needs – no matter where you and your remote workers are located.


  • Reliable network: Our BGAN services are delivered via Inmarsat’s L-band network, with up to 99.9 per cent satellite and ground network availability.
  • Secure: BGAN meets military and government requirements for security and supports all major VPN products and encryption standards.
  • Flexibility: Supporting the latest IP services, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and data, BGAN integrates seamlessly with corporate networks and legacy applications.
  • Easy to use: No technical expertise or training is needed to set up and use BGAN. All terminals are plug and play, so you can go online within minutes.


  • Global coverage: BGAN is available across the globe, with the exception of the extreme polar regions, providing connectivity wherever your business or operations take you.
  • Simultaneous voice and data: A single BGAN terminal provides simultaneous voice and broadband data up to 492kbps, enabling you to access the internet or send email and talk on the phone at the same time.
  • Terminal flexibility: There are a range of portable, fixed and vehicular terminals options available to give you the flexibility you need, depending on the use case.

Download our whitepaper: Satellite-enabled augmented reality for the remote worker

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