As an inflight internet provider, Inmarsat enables airlines to offer streaming, browsing, gaming and more to their passengers.

Society’s reliance upon connectivity has both accelerated and deepened in recent times. Regardless of age or social demographic, we are all more digitally dependent than before. This, in turn, continues to have major ramifications for the aviation industry. With passengers expecting an inflight broadband service that replicates the experience they receive on the ground, it’s important that airlines pick an inflight connectivity service that is designed for mobility and optimised for aviation.

As the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, we are the only operator offering a complete suite of inflight connectivity services that are trusted by many of the world’s most respected airlines. Our services are live on over 10,000 aircraft, spanning safety, operational and passenger connectivity, and with redundancy in our networks, we are the lowest risk option on the market. 

Inflight wi-fi services transforming passenger experience

Today’s digitally-focused, always-on passengers expect an inflight broadband experience comparable to that they enjoy at home or in the office. That means for airlines, a resilient and reliable high-speed connectivity service is a significant brand differentiator.

And in an age of constant connectivity, inflight Wi-Fi services are about more than just browsing the web and messaging. Passengers want to stream video and audio, check and update their social media, enjoy some gaming and other data heavy applications.

This means sufficient capacity to enable a best-in-class passenger experience – particularly when it comes to the increased take-up rates demonstrated when Wi-Fi is offered free-of-charge.

Our heritage and expertise

We understand that selecting an inflight connectivity solution is complex. Our experience delivering services across safety and passenger communications for close to 30 years shouldn’t be underestimated. We can help you choose the most appropriate service for your needs and ensure you make the most of the commercial opportunities available.

We are the only partner that can offer a reliable and consistent service from a single provider on a global basis. No other network has been designed specifically for mobility. Competitors rely on adapting systems intended for other purposes, which may lead to patchy, unreliable and inconsistent mobile services.

We can provide a complete passenger connectivity solution through our proven GX Aviation global service or the award-winning integrated European Aviation Network (EAN) region-wide service.

Advanced inflight connectivity services

Our advanced inflight Wi-Fi services are at the cutting edge of connectivity.

GX Aviation is the world’s only global, high-speed inflight connectivity service. It is purpose-built for aviation and offers a best-in-class passenger experience that is capable of delivering new commercial opportunities and unlocking substantial operational efficiencies.

Thanks to an unrivalled and fully-funded technology roadmap, GX Aviation is both adaptable and scalable, so it can quickly and efficiently meet the coming needs of aviation. In the near future, airlines will benefit from a series of major enhancements to our Global Xpress network, with the current constellation of five satellites being boosted by seven additional payloads, representing a transformative step-change in inflight broadband capabilities.

EAN has been designed and engineered in Europe to meet the unique demands of the continent’s congested airspace. The first-of-its-kind solution combines dedicated satellite coverage with an integrated 4G LTE ground network to offer the fastest speed, highest capacity, lowest latency and most comprehensive coverage of any inflight broadband solution over Europe and adjacent seas. The two components work in unison across land and sea, without any drop-outs or hand-offs, ensuring a consistent best-in-class passenger experience.

Allied to our ecosystem of partners – featuring the world’s leading avionics, passenger experience and integration providers – Inmarsat’s inflight Wi-Fi services are Built To Fly.

Digital transformation

The digitalisation of aviation brings with it additional strategic opportunities. Connectivity can also unlock a significant raft of operational benefits, with savings estimated to run into the billions.

From optimising flight planning and reducing fuel burn to minimising risk and lowering unscheduled maintenance, a connected operational network, including a connected aircraft, will make aviation safer, cheaper, more efficient and ultimately more sustainable.

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