Inmarsat’s irrigation and water management solutions help you remotely monitor and automate irrigation systems, optimising yields and conserving resources wherever your farm is located.

When farming, every drop of water counts. Apply too little and you risk missing out on valuable yield. Apply too much and you risk damaging your crop. Water management and scheduling irrigation events are key, but they can’t be done properly if you can’t access the right data at the right time. This is why we are transforming how you manage water on your farms, giving you the tools you need to optimise yields and conserve resources.

Our solution

With our irrigation and water management solutions, making the most of every drop of water has never been so simple. Our connectivity allows you to remotely monitor and automate irrigation systems, giving you complete control over your water management, wherever you are in the world. With the support of our partners, we reduce the need to physically visit the field by giving you remote visibility and control of your irrigation system, saving you valuable time and money.

Using the latest sensor technologies, our solutions provide measurements of soil moisture and field-level weather data, helping you make better informed decisions, faster. The solution can also be easily integrated with any irrigation system to provide complete control over your water management, helping you optimise crop yield, preserve water and comply with regulatory standards.

Connectivity services

To ensure you have the data when you need it most, we connect sensors out in the field to an application through our highly reliable BGAN service on our L-band satellite network, offering up to 99.9% uptime. This means the system is guaranteed to work even without terrestrial internet, giving you access to the right data, at the right time, no matter where you are.


  • Real-time alerts: By actively monitoring field conditions in real-time, our solution will alert you to key changes so that you can respond accordingly.
  • Global coverage: Reliable, global coverage with 99.9% uptime through our L-band satellite network, ensuring you stay connected at all times.
  • Compatibility: Our solution is compatible with all soil types and crops, giving you flexibility to choose the sensors that work for you.


  • Improve yield and quality: Our solution uses real-time data on soil moisture and field weather conditions, helping you apply the right amount of water according to crop need.
  • Optimise labour resources: Access all the information you need to manage your irrigation remotely, saving you from deploying people to manually monitor fields.
  • Reduce nutrient losses and pollution: By having the right data, you will know exactly when you do or don’t need to irrigate.

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