Approach of the U.K. Group to risk management and governance arrangements

The U.K. subsidiaries have effective and controlled processes to manage risk and ensure compliance with tax disclosure and filing obligations. The management of tax risks is fully integrated in Viasat’s global risk governance process. As part of this process, the Vice-President of Global Taxation regularly reports to the audit committee on Viasat’s global tax position, risk monitoring and associated improvement actions.

All major decisions (for example, involving acquisitions / disposals/ restructurings) include a tax analysis undertaken at an appropriate level requiring Vice-President of Global Taxation, Global Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Board approval if necessary. The tax analysis will document the facts, conclusions and tax risks involved.

The U.K. finance team and/or the Corporate Taxation team may also, from time to time, engage external advisors to provide opinions on the tax impact of transactions where the interpretation of tax law is uncertain to confirm compliance with U.K. tax laws and any filing requirements.

Attitude of the U.K. Group towards tax planning

The Viasat Group’s tax strategy is aligned with its business strategy and is designed to be tax compliant. The formation of affiliates worldwide is driven by business operations, as well as regulatory constraints and joint venture requirements. Our intercompany transactions are based on arms-length terms with remuneration commensurate with value creation, considering the level of functions, assets and risks undertaken by the respective affiliates.

Level of risk in relation to U.K. taxation that the group is willing to accept

The U.K. Group has no set level of tax risk that it is willing to accept. Transactions, undertaken with both related parties and non-related parties, are undertaken for commercial and economic reasons however some transactions may involve an element of tax risk.

The Viasat group in the U.K. and worldwide is mindful of its responsibility to pay its fair share of taxes to the host countries in which it operates, in compliance with applicable laws and conventions.

Approach of the U.K. Group towards its dealings with HMRC

The U.K. Group is committed to being open with HMRC and is committed to engaging with HMRC with honesty, respect, fairness and a spirit of co-operation.