Enabling you to be your best

As employees we are diverse and inclusive individuals with a common mission.

We are proud of our culture and have a strong sense of purpose from our founding mission to saves lives at sea. Today we are evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers but always underpinned by a common goal to be a force for good.

Our values are designed to be simple and memorable and together, result in increased levels of collaboration across Inmarsat.

Performing within a high-performance culture

Creating a supportive environment is at the heart of our people philosophy and strategy. We are committed to continuing to build the right environment so that our people can thrive.

Inmarsat’s High Performance Culture (HPC) programme has been designed to intentionally shape the culture we want to have at Inmarsat and to consider what every employee could personally do to effect change. A two-day workshop has been running globally for over two years and embeds a number of key initiatives to help deliver an inclusive, forward thinking, driven and collaborative workforce.

The enthusiasm among our staff in all of our various locations has been inspiring, especially from our HPC champions in the community. Many of the concepts shared within the workshop are being implemented in our employees’ lives, both professionally and personally. It can be seen that our High Performance Culture programme is having a positive impact on our performance and working style. We want everyone to be clear about what’s expected of them; to have a good understanding of our company purpose and strategic priorities, and what we all need to do to deliver them.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic we have continued to ensure that our new joiners are fully immersed in this culture and have moved our programmes online. These virtual workshops help our employees to understand the ways we work together to create really strong teams through the sharing of tools and learning to enable everyone to be the best they can.

Our regular Ways of Working newsletter also supports our employees, offering tips and guidance, as well as highlighting how employees from across our global offices are facing and overcoming challenges or achieving successes.

Supporting our people to develop and grow

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their career development, whether that’s in their current role or to prepare them for future roles. Everyone is given the space to dedicate time to their own learning and are encouraged to challenge leaders and managers to support these aspirations.

Our internal Learning and Development hub enables employees to develop new and build upon existing skills and knowledge. We support our employees and encourage continual learning through a range of options across multiple mediums.

Under the apprenticeship levy, we have employees at all levels within the organisation gaining professional accreditations. We have a leadership framework that we continue to embed and we are striving to ensure that talent is grown within the organisation.

Our performance cycle creates an environment for managers to dedicate time and thought to individuals in their team to discuss achievements, next steps and progress towards goals and objectives. It also enables individuals to reflect on their successes, strengths and development to ensure they are the best they can be.