Keeping crew connected

We know just how difficult it can be to spend months at sea, isolated and away from your loved ones. That’s why we’re passionate about extending the digital comforts of home to the ends of the ocean. Being physically distanced from family and friends needn’t affect your well-being at work.  With Inmarsat's award winning Fleet Hotspot we’re introducing a flexible, easy-to-manage Wi-Fi hotspot to your vessel. There’s no need to find a PC and wait in line to talk to your loved one. Simply log in from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone from anywhere on the vessel at any time. Read a story to your children, wish your best friend a happy birthday, or simply stream your favourite TV show from the middle of the ocean. Life doesn’t need to stop when you get on board.

Crew internet made easy

Powered by our industry-leading Fleet Xpress service, Fleet Hotspot gives crew access to high-speed connectivity with the freedom to use their own device. Using the service couldn’t be easier, the crew simply manages their own access whenever they need it. The self-service portal allows them to purchase their own packages with flexible payment options via credit or debit card, PayPal, or AliPay.

Dedicated crew bandwidth

Fleet Hotspot is completely independent of your vessel’s bandwidth, so you can be assured you’ll have an uninterrupted connection to high-speed, always-on, business-critical bandwidth, with unlimited backup and 99.9% availability. Maintain your operations and never compromise on safety with the connectivity you can rely on for complete peace of mind. Upgrading standards of life at sea doesn’t need to be complicated, there’s no additional hardware, smartbox or company administration required.

Improved vessel competitiveness

Enhance the value of your vessel proposition by incentivising crews, attracting new passengers or appealing to more clients. Extend the possibilities of your vessel by enhancing productivity and protecting the mental well-being of those onboard with Wi-Fi access made simple.  

Inmarsat’s Fleet Hotspot has won the Mission to Seafarers Innovation Award at the Seafarers Awards Singapore 2022

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"It was important for our seafarers to remain in contact with their family so that they stay in control of their lives and minimize missing out on important family events. We found Inmarsat’s Crew Xpress and Fleet Hotspot to be a perfect solution for our crew to stay connected to their loved ones from their own device while at sea."

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