Environmentally unsustainable fishing, including illegal and unreported fishing, harms the entire value chain, as well as introducing safety and security challenges. There is now growing global demand for specific fishing Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS), with equipment that is installed on fishing vessels’ providing information about the vessels’ position and activity.

The implementation of VMS provides benefits such as: 

  • Provision of communications for vessel captains and fishermen at sea to families and for emergencies.
  • Enables new operational protocols for policing and fisheries management.
  • Improve the policing of illegal fishing and conservation areas via a geo fencing capability.

Many countries putting in place, sustainable fishing development policies and projects which ban several forms of unsustainable fishing gear such as purse seine, trawl nets and gills nets and granting licenses only to vessels offering real time tracking and those that are registered only in the Maldives.

Our Fleet One service helps support electronic catch documentation and traceability (eCDT) to combat Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) fishing. 

The Fleet One Vessel Monitoring System ensures seamless monitoring of fishing vessels for owners and the regulator, and enables new opportunities for the crew, while assuring their safety onboard. Fleet One is over twenty times faster than traditional Vessel Monitoring Systems and supports crew chat, mobile banking and live video monitoring to the small and mid-sized fisheries segment.

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