Inmarsat’s crop storage monitoring solutions allow you to remotely monitor storage conditions on-farm and across the supply chain, optimising quality and reducing losses.

Customer challenge

For the grower who wants to manage storage conditions to increase yield and quality. For the purchaser of agricultural raw materials who wants to increase quality and shelf life. For operators of global agricultural supply chains who want to meet regulatory requirements. We understand that storage has a huge bearing on the final quality of agricultural commodities.

This is why we give you the connectivity tools to extract data on your products wherever they are in storage or transit. By giving you the connectivity you need, you will gain complete visibility of your crops and supply chain, from anywhere in the world.

Our solution

With our solutions and the support of our partners, gaining a complete record of traceability through a commodity’s journey is now a reality. Our connectivity ensures that both growers and the extended supply chain can remotely monitor commodities in storage and make interventions to reduce losses. Whether they are in a plastic silobag, grain elevator, at the bottom of a ship or on a plane or truck, we’ve got you covered.

We use a variety of low-cost sensor technologies to tailor the solution to your storage infrastructure and supply chain. Depending on the specific commodity, typical measurements include temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

Connectivity services

To ensure you can keep collecting data from across the supply chain, our partners connect your existing or new sensors using the best combination of Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), IsatData Pro (IDP) and BGAN services at the edge. We manage the transfer of data from the farm to a cloud-based dashboard via our highly reliable L-band network.


  • Real-time monitoring application: Visualise all of your key metrics in real time, so you can understand any changes to storage conditions wherever you are operating.
  • Real-time alerts: By actively monitoring your projects in real time, the application will alert you to key changes in perishable conditions so that you can respond accordingly.
  • Global coverage: Reliable, global coverage with 99.9% uptime through our L-band satellite network, ensuring you stay connected at all times.
  • Installation, training and support: Our expert teams provide installation, training and support throughout the lifecycle of the agreement, ensuring you are always connected.


  • Increase marketable yield: By monitoring storage conditions in real time, you can respond quickly to keep commodities in optimal condition.
  • Enhance visibility and compliance: Understand more about your supply chain and share data to confirm product provenance and comply with regulatory guidance.
  • Reduce complexity: We ensure all of your data and monitoring systems are interoperable, reducing the need for manual processes and improving data management and sharing practices.

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