We’ve been living and breathing maritime safety for over 40 years. Set up by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1979, our mission has been, and always will be, to maintain the highest levels of safety at sea. Delivering an unprecedented level of dependability, our satellite network guarantees over 99.9% availability anywhere in the world. And we’re always striving to improve standards to support the lives of the 1.65 million seafarers that work on our waters every single day.

Fleet Safety marks a turning point in maritime safety. We’re modernising the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) to bring significant improvements to the safety of tens of thousands of FleetBroadband and Fleet One users.

Approved by the IMO, Fleet Safety is a maritime data service that supports GMDSS compliance for voice and data distress, and urgency and safety communications. Combining a Maritime Safety Terminal (MST) with existing FleetBroadband or Fleet One data services, Fleet Safety is the most significant advance in maritime safety for a generation.

Instant distress chat

You’re never more than a button away from help in times of danger with instant priority distress alerting and chat capability. Putting you in control and in direct contact with over 50 Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC) around the world. Dynamic message routing will send your alert to the nearest MRCC or assisting vessels, so you can formulate rescue plans and mobilise support teams faster than ever before, saving on average 20 minutes for the search and rescue operation to take place. Chat in real-time to a team of dedicated rescue and medical professionals for assistance and guidance to safeguard your crew and vessel until help arrives.

Real-time Maritime Safety Information broadcasts

Stay informed of the latest Meteorological, Navigational and Search and Rescue warnings with real-time Maritime Safety Information (MSI) broadcasts. Never miss an alert again, even if your terminal is switched off, Fleet Safety allows you to download MSI Pull broadcasts so you have the most up-to-date information to safely plan your voyage.

Be reassured help is on its way

When every second counts, it’s vital to make sure your call for help is not left unheard. With the average response time at four minutes, be safe in the knowledge your safety distress alert and vessel location has been sent, delivered and read, giving you extra reassurance that rescue teams know exactly where you are and help is on its way.  

Simple and easy installation

If you’re an existing FleetBroadband or Fleet One user, it couldn’t be easier to install Fleet Safety. Simply purchase an MST from the same manufacturer as your current terminal, plug in, upgrade the software and you’re up and running with GMDSS-compliance safety standards.

When it matters most we’re there for you, with a lifeline back to shore, anytime, anywhere in the world, without compromise. 

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