Powerful multi-layered endpoint security solution

As the data revolution continues to open up new possibilities for the maritime industry, so do the cyber criminals looking for every opportunity to attack. Online criminals don’t discriminate as they forage to find a vulnerability to penetrate your IT network and exploit you, your crew and your vessel. With the average maritime cyber breech costing £2.4m (Cranfield University 2019) the damage can be disastrous; compromised operations, loss of sensitive information, costly delays, rising insurance premiums and unhappy clients, that can send your fleet’s reputation spiralling out of control. Recognised by the IMO 2021 cyber regulations, the industry needs to tighten up their practices.

For over 40 years we’ve been pushing boundaries, relentless in our pursuit of progress to connect the world’s oceans. With Fleet Secure we’re leading by example, working with the best intelligence teams to develop the world’s first cyber security solution specifically designed for the maritime industry. Protect your vessel’s network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and allow your crew to focus on the tasks in hand to reach your destination with complete peace of mind.

Fleet Secure combines three powerful components in order to: Identify - Protect – Detect – Respond – Recover.

Fleet Secure Endpoint

With Fleet Secure Endpoint we’re pioneering more than just an off-the-shelf IT anti-virus solution. We’re offering continuous protection of all online endpoints on your vessel’s network with web content filtering blocking malicious traffic whether it’s incoming or outgoing. Defend every single potential vulnerability across the vast network of your vessel from threat regardless of origin. Whether from a computer, crew laptop, USB or onboard sensor, our Fleet Secure Endpoint will automatically monitor, identify and block any trace of infection.

Fleet Secure Endpoint Portal

Fleet Secure Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Fleet Secure UTM is a comprehensive suite of network security tools consolidated in a single device and designed specifically for the Maritime industry to continuously inspect, detect and protect your vessel’s network in its entirety. A compromised vessel network is a route to on-board control systems where serious damage will lead to massive business losses.

Managed via a single online portal, and backed by a dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) to detect, monitor, and support threat management and operational activities, Fleet Secure UTM makes managing data traffic more efficient. It intelligently scans all connected networks for malicious traffic and is a complete package to protect your network from internet attacks and intrusion via infected USB or externally connected devices to the onboard LAN. Developed in partnership with Port IT, a market leader in maritime cyber security, Fleet Secure UTM also provides real-time digital security status visibility and transparency, you can monitor traffic in the network and act on individual cases to assess and mitigate the risks for a cyber-secure environment.

Fleet Secure UTM supports the IMO 2021 functional cybersecurity prerequisites that require you to be able to demonstrate your cyber risk management, such as using the NIST cyber security framework of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

Fleet Secure Cyber Awareness

Can your crew spot the signs of a cyberattack? Ensure your crew is cyber ready to prevent threats before they enter the ship with the latest training. Developed by Marine Learning Alliance under the guidance of the University of Sunderland and the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology, the training programme contains everything your crew needs to know to be aware of vulnerabilities and suspicious online behaviour with best practice guidance. The easy-to-use application-based training can be downloaded to any laptop, tablet or mobile device and used offline to eliminate the need for any additional bandwidth use.  

No matter how many vessels are in your fleet, keep your operations running and fully IMO-compliant without compromise. Stop cyber criminals in their tracks with Fleet Secure – powering cyber resilience at sea.


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