Insight | Inmarsat and Satcom Direct: The power of partnership


Inmarsat and Satcom Direct: The power of partnership


An Inmarsat and Satcom Direct case study revealing the power of the partnership and highlighting its success in transforming business aviation. 

Delivering the gold standard in business aviation connectivity

In the fast-moving business world, the importance of staying connected has never been greater – whether on the ground or 40,000 feet up in the sky.

And thanks to decades of joint innovation between Inmarsat and Satcom Direct, Principals can rest assured that their expectation for consistent and reliable inflight connectivity (IFC) will always be met, whenever and wherever they fly.

To celebrate more than 25 years of close partnership, we have published a new whitepaper that explores how the unique collaboration between Inmarsat and Satcom Direct has delivered the gold standard in business aviation connectivity.

What makes our joint offering so powerful? Satcom Direct’s proprietary software, hardware, terrestrial infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions thoroughly complement Inmarsat’s fully owned and operated Ka-band and L-band networks, resulting in completely seamless global connectivity.

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“Satcom Direct continues to provide visionary services to its customers and Inmarsat is just as committed to supporting the customer experience. We can only continue to do that by closely collaborating with our partners to keep delivering exciting new global connectivity services to the aerospace market.”

Kai Tang, Head of Business Aviation, Inmarsat

Demand is soaring, usage is evolving

It's clear that no matter where business aviation passengers are flying, they still demand a superior experience at every stage of their journey. It must be perfectly predictable, without any negative surprises. IFC is no exception. On the contrary, Inmarsat and CJI's 2022 survey of business aviation professionals highlighted that expectations around consistent, reliable connectivity has only amplified in recent times and that will continue in the future too.

90% of respondents believe online activities will dominate Principals’ time in the air, almost evenly split between business and leisure  

Inmarsat and CJI Survey

Great things on the horizon

Today, around 5,500 business jets are equipped with our Jet ConneX and SwiftBroadband inflight connectivity solutions. As the demand for inflight connectivity continues to soar, Inmarsat and Satcom Direct continue to deliver and innovate. Recent developments include enhanced service plans as part of the JX Evolution programme and the launch of SwiftJet, the world’s fastest L-band inflight connectivity service for business aviation.

Our 25 years of joint success are a testament to the power of partnership. After all, the best ideas aren’t created in a vacuum, but through continuous dialogue between teams with shared goals. As Chris Moore, Satcom Direct’s President of Business Aviation, stated: “It’s a powerful combination for a data-hungry aerospace sector”.

And the best of this partnership is yet to come. Download the case study to see how Inmarsat and Satcom Direct are taking business aviation to new heights.