Many of the world’s most vital industries operate in remote locations, including organisations from the agriculture, mining, transport, utilities, media and aid and NGO sectors. Real-time telematics and voice communications can help workers stay safe and work more efficiently, however, remote environments commonly suffer from a lack of cellular connectivity. This prevents workers from being able to communicate with their colleagues or be tracked.

Utilities personnel performing inspections and maintenance routinely find themselves operating in coverage dark spots, unable to communicate easily with other teams and limiting safety and efficiency. The same challenge is faced by mining exploration teams, left unable to readily communicate by voice or transfer vital data from machinery.

Rail organisations have to slow down their operations at the cost of time and money when working in areas without cellular coverage. This is because they are not able to see where locomotives are located or to speak with drivers. Aid and NGO workers helping people affected by crisis similarly need to be tracked to ensure their safety. 

Our solution

Inmarsat offers a range of BGAN PTT services delivering voice communications and satellite IP connectivity to organisations wherever they need to operate. With Inmarsat's services you can also share telematics data and switch  seamlessly between terrestrial connectivity types as you move through coverage zones.

Our push to talk (PTT) offerings are built upon our highly reliable BGAN service, which delivers up to 99.9% uptime. So even if you have no land mobile radio (LMR) coverage, or lose cellular connectivity you are always connected. Choose from service plans where for a monthly cost all PTT voice communications are inclusive or use one of our standard BGAN plans.

We work with leading hardware providers such as Cobham and Motorola and our services are compatible with low form factor BGAN terminals such as the class 12 Cobham EXPLORER 323.


  • Real-time telemetry data from your assets to give you visibility wherever they are located.
  • Improve safety and operational efficiency by expanding your existing radio network to provide coverage – anywhere
  • Highly reliable, secure communications with 99.9% uptime
  • Provides a fail-safe communications backup if terrestrial networks fail
  • Simple to operate
  • Expand the coverage of your existing equipment


  • Global coverage – connecting your assets and operatives anywhere
  • Fully integrable with existing radio and telemetry systems
  • Compatible with Cobham PRISM  PTT + solution, providing seamless least cost routing between cellular, radio and satellite
  • Full training provided and a complete service package to give you peace of mind
  • 24/7 support whenever you need it

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