Uniquely poised to unlock the potential of commercial UAVs

Inmarsat stands at the forefront of an exciting new age for the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market. The connected technologies we provide are playing a critical role in unlocking the limitless possibilities of this sector.

These benefits, however, can only be realised through technology that ensures commercial UAVs can fly safely in complex and mixed airspace. This is where Inmarsat comes in. With 30 years’ experience ensuring aviation safety via our extensive satellite network, we provide the reliable and consistent connectivity solutions that will allow UAVs to fly securely Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) and integrate with other air traffic.

Our involvement will expand the potential of new use cases, improve the efficiency of existing applications, drive economies of scale and enable new standards of safety, productivity and innovation for businesses and society.

Read on to discover how we are bringing all of this to fruition via our unique capabilities, industry-leading knowledge and expert Partner network.

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Limitless Possibilities 

The opportunities that UAVs deliver will open up and support the transformation of our world. 

In the coming years, unmanned aerial vehicles  (UAVs) will empower an inspiring array of industries. Emergency services, disaster relief, urban air transport, commercial and industrial cargo deliveries, environmental inspection and monitoring… the breadth of sectors that will be positively impacted by UAVs is breathtaking. And these activities will be able to take place out of line of sight of the operator, thanks to Inmarsat’s global network built for mobility.   

The adoption of UAVs will enhance safety – completing tasks that are often hazardous for humans – and, alongside reducing risk, this will also improve cost efficiencies, raise productivity and boost sustainability.

Take medical and emergency services: the delivery of PPE and critical supplies to remote areas during the global pandemic has already demonstrated value. UAVs already assist fire services in assessing damage to buildings from a safe distance and they will continue to accelerate blue-light service responses and aid surveillance.

UAVs generate climate data, monitor borders and have enabled great strides in agriculture – from detecting plant stress early to more effective crop irrigation. UAVs support safe passage for maritime vessels, offer retailers more environmentally friendly delivery services and can help automate maintenance across a number of industries.

And this is just the beginning. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Enabling the right connectivity to unlock the potential of UAVs

As with any nascent technology there are barriers to overcome before mainstream rollout. In the case of commercial unmanned aerial  vehicles (UAVs), the potential for growth in this sector will only be realised through reliable in-flight UAV identification, security and segregation.

Previously, all UAVs had to be visible to their controllers in order to ensure safety and control.  This clearly creates restrictions and places a limit on the scalability of the UAV sector. In response, we have developed a new solution  that enables UAVs to be trackable and controllable Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

This Command and Control (C2) service is totally scalable – from simple tracking and identification for small drones to full aero safety services for UAVs operating in controlled airspace.

Why Inmarsat?

Inmarsat has 30 years’ experience enabling air traffic management and aviation safety. We also have extensive UAV experience working with civil and military governments worldwide, utilising our market-leading, award-winning, secure and ultra-reliable L-band network, which already safely guides tens of thousands of business and commercial aircraft across the globe every day.

Our relationships with OEMs and our broader ecosystem of expert Partners – including UAV developers – makes Inmarsat ideally placed to ensure the promise of the commercial UAV market.

Our UAV Partners

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    Thanks to our background in mobile connectivity and alongside our experience in delivering aviation safety services, Inmarsat is bringing together a bold and innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) partner ecosystem.

    This growing ecosystem is comprised of leaders and pioneers, each with their own diverse strengths and the capabilities needed to optimise UAV solutions. 

    For example: we are currently developing revolutionary new, smaller, lighter and low power terminal solutions with our expert Partners, including industry leaders Honeywell and Cobham.

    We are also uniquely positioned to be the foremost UAV data link provider, with multiple data link capabilities to best fit customer mission requirements. Our collaborative mind-set and open platform ensure the success of Partners who work with us.

    We welcome contact from potential partners, developers, academia and any other research organisation that is interested in integrating our Inmarsat UAV connectivity solutions into its programmes.

    To find out more about working together, please contact us.

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