With the ability to support global regulators, integrate with UTMs and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), we bring value well beyond the satcom datalink to the UAS ecosystem.

An inspiring array of commercial and civil government applications are fast emerging for unmanned aviation across a range of sectors worldwide. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) could potentially play a far-reaching and positive role in the future of business and society, from emergency services, disaster relief and surveillance to cargo delivery, inspection and urban transport.

The UAV market has huge potential to enhance customer service, raise productivity, reduce costs, advance safety and accelerate the speed of response in emergencies. For example, energy companies are using UAVs to conduct platform and pipeline inspections, allowing them to automate processes, save costs and reduce human risk. UAVs are also being used today to gather climate data, monitor borders, aid police operations and help fire brigades assess damage to buildings.

Uniquely positioned

Our state-of-the-art global satellite networks have been successfully providing communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) services to the global aviation industry for decades. By extending safe control of the skies to include unmanned aircraft, we are a catalyst for the safe and rapid growth of the commercial UAV market.

Our identification, tracking and control services will meet relevant safety and regulatory requirements, allowing UAVs to safely fly in managed airspace by confirming their identity, location, and mission.

Currently, all UAVs have to be visible to the pilot. This one-pilot-to-one-UAV model limits the potential scale of operations. Only Inmarsat can combine the required infrastructure and technology with the necessary expertise to support the regulatory advancements needed to integrate UAVs with commercial aircraft. These regulatory advancements would make ‘Beyond Visual Line of Sight’ (BVLOS) services possible, allowing one pilot to operate multiple UAVs remotely at scale and UAV operations more commercially viable.

A turnkey solution from an ecosystem of experts

Together with our partner ecosystem, we can help UAV operators significantly boost the scale of their operations. Cobham already offers the small and lightweight AVIATOR UAV 200 terminal, which enables cost-effective BVLOS satcom with Inmarsat on smaller UAVs for enhanced operational capabilities.

Likewise, Honeywell has launched its smallest and lightest satellite communications system yet, designed to bring some of the same connectivity capabilities enjoyed by larger aircraft to smaller unmanned vehicles, along with video streaming.

Bringing a collaborative mind-set and open platform, we are creating opportunities to work with innovative development partners to become the leading UAV data link provider, with multiple data link capabilities to best fit customer mission requirements.

Ready to unlock new opportunities for business and society

With our wholly-owned and operated global L-band network, designed to meet the needs of the aviation industry, we stand ready to meet the needs of the commercial UAV sector as it undergoes predicted exponential growth. Satellite connectivity is key to unlocking the sector’s vital capabilities, which require reliable identification, security and segregation.

Our resilient, secure and fully redundant solution is trusted by governments and relied on today by more than 200 airlines and 13,000 aircraft to deliver over 50 million positional reports annually. Inmarsat also has an extensive portfolio of existing radio licenses, long-established relationships with air navigation service providers and an associated ecosystem of expert partners to support the growth of the UAV market. 

Trusted partner to the world’s ATM and regulatory authorities

As a key enabler of air traffic management and aviation safety, we are trusted where risk is unacceptable, and act as an expert advisor to air traffic management and regulatory authorities worldwide.

On top of that, our unrivalled, fully-funded technology roadmap ensures global service availability long into the future, with the ability to scale as the UAV market grows and to support next generation capabilities for advanced global UAV services.

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