Discover the power of Fleet Xpress, right from vessel launch

Installed during new building, Fleet Xpress for Shipyards eliminates time-consuming and costly installation works in port, offering owners a pre-fitted very small aperture terminal (VSAT) solution included in the initial cost of the vessel.

Value for shipyards 

Early installation of Fleet Xpress will enhance responsiveness to growing customer demand for high-speed communications and provide remote vessel monitoring and maintenance capabilities upon delivery. By installing Fleet Xpress as part of the line-fit activities it provides differentiation to other shipyards who are not offering this initiative. 

Value for ship owners 

With the vessel featuring state-of-the-art VSAT equipment at launch, ship owners are assured that their bandwidth needs are fully integrated and sea-trialled at the point of handover, while the crew has access to fast, ultra-reliable connectivity as soon as they step onboard. In addition, Fleet Xpress allows the implementation of a range of digital services and automation onboard the vessel that further delivers advantages for ship performance and crew well-being.

All terminals, cables, and below deck units are installed as a Fleet Xpress line-fit service, allowing you to deliver a one-stop solution to your customers that improves safety and offers fast and reliable connectivity from the first voyage.

Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity and saving lives at sea for over 40 years. And we never stop innovating. With Fleet Xpress for Shipyards, we’ve pioneered a game-changer for shipbuilders and owners alike, streamlining installation, providing remote connectivity from vessel launch and enabling optimal integration between integral onboard systems.

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