Bridging the gap between your operational needs and resources

Sometimes you know exactly what terminal or airtime package you require to meet a mission requirement.  At other times, while you may know exactly what outcome you need to deliver, you may not have the in-house expertise and capacity to design a system that will help you achieve that outcome effectively and efficiently. 

We help you meet the gap between your communications needs and your communications resources.  

But what does this mean in the real world? 

All airtime is not created equal. Whether you need a Combined Service Pool to manage your entire fleet of assets or a short-term solution for an emergency response situation, we understand government operational needs and can advise on the best option for your requirements.

Government needs are multi-faceted. We know the restraints and requirements of planning long term communications solutions and work with you to design a bespoke cradle to grave solution that meets your specific needs.

We can design and deliver training programmes to your end-user personnel to ensure that your communications services are both accessible and efficient.  We also regularly provide ‘train the trainer’ sessions to enable you to train new personnel in your own time.

Government infrastructure requirements are unlike those found in the commercial market. We are quality assured and security cleared and can advise on your complete communications infrastructure design and implementation.

As governments vary in the way they work, we will look at our organisational structure and ensure the appropriate people interfaces are put in place to meet your end user needs, and if necessary, reorganise our structure to provided dedicated and specific support.

Mission critical communications needs to come from a trusted network. We can design a solution which fully integrates the network end-to-end, as well as providing network administrative support and monitoring to ensure excellent quality of service.

We deliver peace of mind. Sometimes that means you require something more than what comes out of the box. Be it extended warranties, hot swaps or even service SLA’s, we have a solution to meet your needs.

We can provide Helpdesk contract services 24/7/365 with tiered levels of support and prioritisation that will meet your specific operational needs.

Our Inmarsat services are the means by which you transfer data and we have you covered with 99.9% reliability.  However, equally important are that the applications you use to meet your mission requirements. We can assist you in assuring your applications are optimised for satcoms, wherever your mission takes you.

Change is inevitable and the rate of change in the technology sector is exponential.  This is why we spend over $600 million a year in R&D to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology.  We can advise you in not only the latest current solutions, but also how to future proof your systems via our engineering Tech Refresh Services.

Inmarsat’s infrastructure is designed to be secure from its core, with a Cyber Security team constantly testing the network. When specific national security requirements are also required, we can and do design that into our solutions.

Our Integrated Logistic Support services mean that we can provide you with a service partner that is with you through scoping, design, installation, training, service, support and retirement of equipment.  Trust our expert team to give you communication certainty.

We partner with industry experts to ensure that you can access the best possible terminals and hardware to meet your specific requirements.  

Dedicated self-service software can be designed and delivered to allow government customers to order Inmarsat services with a level of anonymity to increase security.  We work closely with our end users to design the required interfaces between your systems and ours.

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