Whether it’s navigating challenging weather conditions, uninterrupted access to real-time fishing reports, in-depth oceanographic data or real-time weather updates, thousands of customers count on our exceptional satellite connectivity every day.  With more than 40 years of experience, Inmarsat plays a vital role in providing global maritime communications for the fisheries sector. Our connectivity solutions elevate catch profitability by informing route planning, enabling fuel consumption monitoring, optimising engine performance and making it possible to stay on top of maintenance, plus much more. 

Unlock the power of seamless connectivity for fishing vessels

Secure connectivity is a lifeline that transforms commercial fishing, making it smarter, safer and more productive.

  • Maintain real-time connectivity with your onshore team, instantly updating your electronic logbook with catch details.
  • Swiftly transfer catch information online, enabling you to sell faster and secure the best prices globally.
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming paperwork.

Our portfolio of solutions from the flagship Fleet Xpress to FleetBroadband and Fleet One, can support you in streamlining your fish reporting, as well as charting the most effective route, no matter the location and size of the vessel. 

Faster, safer and more efficient decisions than ever before

Experience seamless connectivity with our flagship solution, Fleet Xpress - which offers high-speed Ka-band connectivity backed up with FleetBroadband L-band service. Take control of your plans through flexible and scalable pricing packages, while enjoying global connectivity with exceptional performance of your fleet.

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Designed to match your seasonal needs and provide flexibility, Fleet One offers an affordable satellite communication option, ensuring fast reliable connectivity for work and entertainment.

Crew connectivity

Keeping in contact with family and friends or simply surfing the internet are now as simple at sea as they are on land. Our award-winning Fleet Hotspot solution is a user-friendly Wi-Fi hotspot for your vessel. Powered by our Fleet Xpress service, it ensures that crew can stay in touch with their loved ones and enjoy all the benefits of reliable connectivity no matter where they are in the world.

Vessel Monitoring

Our reliable connectivity enables full transparency and real-time reporting, by instantly sharing your vessel's position with government authorities and fishing regulators via Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS).

Global Coverage

Other than the extreme polar regions, Inmarsat provides complete global coverage through our comprehensive network of satellites. 

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Fleet Xpress

Open up a world of possibilities at sea with the world’s most advanced global high-speed mobile satellite broadband network.


Globally dependable always-on satellite connectivity. Connecting the world’s fleets for over 12 years. 

Fleet Hotspot

High-speed crew internet access made simple. No smartboxes, no administration and no interference with your vessel's bandwidth.

Fleet One

The cost-effective choice for basic voice and data communication. Flexible packages for global and coastal voyages.

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