Experiences beyond expectation. Connectivity you can rely on no matter where your voyage takes you.

When your guests demand nothing but the best, we go the extra mile to deliver a seamless online experience that will give them exactly what they want. From a high-speed always-on connection instantly anywhere in the world, to a basic seasonal plan for short-term near shore leisure trips, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your yacht. No matter what package you choose, you can be assured you’re always connected so you can build lasting relationships that will keep your clients and crew coming back voyage after voyage.

Performance without compromise

With Fleet Xpress we offer industry leading high speeds with global backup for uninterrupted connectivity at sea. Deliver the ultimate guest experience beyond expectation; live stream the latest game on TV, watch a 4K HD movie or simply connect and upload to social media with ease.

We know just how important immediate access to weather reports can be to predict sail conditions and ensure your yacht is safely on course. With Fleet Xpress we offer independent bandwidth streams to separate the needs of your vessel, crew and guests so we can guarantee we’re always there with reliable, secure mission critical connectivity. Combine this with unlimited 99.9% availability, you can rely on us without fail, day and night no matter where you are in the world. Sail away with predictive costs so you can accurately manage your bottom line and give your passengers the luxury experience they expect whilst maintaining the highest safety standards and operational performance.

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Fleet Xpress

Open up a world of possibilities at sea with the world’s most advanced global high-speed mobile satellite broadband network.

Fleet One

The cost-effective choice for basic voice and data communication. Flexible packages for global and coastal voyages.

Fleet Secure

Protect your vessel from the costly dangers of the dark web. Pioneering cyber resilience at sea. 

Security in mind

Don't leave your high value clients onboard vulnerable to the threat of potential cyber criminals. Never let your guard down with Fleet Secure, 360 protection to continuously monitor, protect and defend your yacht, crew and guests from the dangers of the dark web. Maintain a first class experience and give your guests complete peace of mind that their vacation and privacy is not going to be compromised.

Digital Yacht Series

A series of videos and events that explores how super, leisure, racing and explorer yachts can capitalise on the latest developments in onboard connectivity.

Basic offshore connectivity packages within reach

If you don’t need the high speed offered by Fleet Xpress, look no further than Fleet One, your gateway to cost-conscious basic voice and data connectivity. Designed for short-term near-shore leisure trips, you can be assured you’ll never be let down by patchy and unreliable VHF or GSM again. Stay connected and sail with confidence with an easy to install service that lets you buy what you need in the location you need it with flexible seasonal plans.

Being able to enjoy all the benefits of the Fleet Xpress Ka-band service via the inconspicuous dual antennas has greatly enhanced the onboard experience. I was super impressed with the system staying connected in heavy rolling seas, and particularly happy that it allowed us to stream the six nation’s rugby over VSAT in the Atlantic off the Canaries – that really is a great result.

Alex Pamment, Captain, Superyacht Ganesha

Regatta ready

When out on the open waters with your rivals behind you and the finish line in your sights, you needn’t be weighed down by large heavy communications hardware of the past. Enhance yacht handling, speed and reduce windage with compact, light, low profile antennas that can help maintain a sleek look and make the difference between winning and losing.

Ultimate flexibility

Don’t be left high and dry with bills to pay when demand fluctuates. We offer flexible, scalable packages to upgrade or downgrade to suit the needs of your yacht. Whether you need extra coverage for entertaining a VIP guest, or you are in layby waiting for the next charter, we adapt so you’re never out of pocket. Seamlessly sail between regions with global continuous connectivity, local support and guaranteed performance so you’re never out of reach anywhere in the world.

Case study: Ganesha

Driving performance and efficiency onboard racing superyacht Ganesha with the power of Fleet Xpress.

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