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Whether you require mission critical connectivity, remote communications, Internet of Things-style (IoT) monitoring, or SCADA command and control, we are trusted to bring you the industry standard in reliable enterprise IoT satellite connectivity, wherever you need it. With over 30 years of delivering services behind us, we understand the mobile land markets like no other satellite operator. In this time we haven’t stopped innovating and collaborating with our global partner network to produce results that help our customers lead in their fields.

From the launch of our award-winning BGAN service, to the iconic IsatPhone 2 and most recently our industry-leading integration of ELERA IoT into our service portfolio, we continue to respond to customer needs. Now with the launch of the first of our I-6 dual L-band/Ka-band satellites and our fully-funded technology roadmap, we are set to help our customers with reliable, seamless IoT connectivity, wherever they may go, now and into the future.

Focus on

By 2050, it is estimated that the world population will near 10 billion people. New production techniques will be needed to grow and extract enough to support our growing needs. Demands for energy will rise and we will need to move more people and things than ever before.

Emerging digital technologies are changing the way industries respond to these challenges, helping improve the production and the distribution of resources and people. However, some of the locations best placed to benefit from these smart technologies are remote and lacking in terrestrial connectivity. Inmarsat Enterprise is enabling organisations to access the connectivity they need to help them – and all of us – succeed in a new era: the connected world.


For the agri-business that wants to harness the latest technologies in their operations. For the producer that wants to do things more efficiently, sustainably and safely. 

Aid & NGO

Every second counts in a crisis. For all volunteers, first responders and crews on the ground, reliable lines of communication define how quickly you can reach those in danger and the success of the mission.


For dependable voice and data connectivity for field workers and cost-effective remote or virtual offices. For complete operational visibility and remote control of extraction and distribution infrastructure. 

Exploration and Leisure 

For the intrepid traveller or off-grid trekker, traversing some of the world’s most remote environments. For globetrotting adventurers, discovering some of the last great exploratory wonders of the world.


The only effective journalist is a connected one. Audiences are demanding their news in real-time, which means that to stay ahead of the competition you need to be the first to broadcast and get on top of the story. 


For the major mining company in Australia’s outback that wants to enhance the safety of workers in remote pits. For the mid-tier that wants visibility of its remote fleet with real-time telemetry data. 


The world’s population is growing. Urbanisation is accelerating. The demand for goods and services is exploding, transforming the way global supply chains function. 


For automating your consumer metering and power distribution infrastructure. For continuous monitoring, control and complete visibility of your entire service territory.

Our Enterprise iot Solutions

We go where others won’t. We connect those that others can’t. We build solutions that transform entire sectors. With our bespoke connectivity solutions, we help you connect anything to anything, anywhere.

Aquaculture management

Monitor and remotely control conditions at your fisheries to produce optimum yields, from anywhere in the world.

Crop storage and logistics monitoring

Remotely monitor storage conditions on-farm and across the global supply chain, helping you optimise quality and reduce losses.

Irrigation and water management

Make the most of every drop of water by remotely monitoring and automating irrigation systems, wherever your farm is located.

Remote technical workers

Providing remote oil and gas, mining and utilities workers with proven, reliable and always-on connectivity when they need it most.

Recloser monitoring and control

Enabling electricity providers to improve service uptime and reduce operational costs through control of infrastructure in remote locations.

Rail telemetry and communications

Transfer mission-critical data and provide voice communications, no matter where your trains and crews are located.

Tailings Insight

Harnessing satellite connectivity to enable smarter and faster decision-making, safer operations and enhanced regulatory compliance.

Artificial Lift monitoring

Minimise costly downtime and provide preventative maintenance for Artificial Lifts with BGAN M2M.

Pipeline monitoring

Enable access to critical information and improve the efficiency of pipeline monitoring with satellite connectivity.

Wellhead monitoring

Help predict maintenance requirements, allow for planning of downtime and avoiding unnecessary revenue losses.

Our Enterprise Services

Inmarsat's portfolio of connectivity services offer unrivalled levels of reliability, choice and mobility, no matter where you are. From low-bandwidth machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to push-to-talk (PTT services), from mobile high-speed broadband to satellite phones we have the right mix of services to support your aspirations.

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