Since March 2020, like the rest of the world, we have had to adjust and adapt to a new way of working. When faced with challenges, Inmarsat excels. We’ve adapted seamlessly and quickly and we haven’t let the COVID-19 lockdown stop us from performing at our best and supporting one another.


As a new joiner to Inmarsat, you’ll experience the same warm and professional welcome as you would in more normal circumstances. Our on-boarding platform enables us to provide you with regular messages and updates to let you know what to expect in your first days and weeks, and to get you inspired and ready for your first day. Most important of all, it enables us to connect you with the people you’ll be working with.


During the early stages of your on-boarding period you will join our exciting and inspiring induction programme, during which you’ll hear about our history, take a closer look at the people and businesses that use Inmarsat’s services and solutions, and learn more about our innovative and world-leading satellite technology. This is all delivered online, in easy-to-digest modules, and in a fully interactive way.

The best way to learn more about on-boarding and our induction programme is to hear it directly from one of our recent joiners. In this short video you’ll meet Joe who joined us during lockdown and now shares his experience.

Meet Joe who joined Inmarsat in COVID lockdown to hear how he was welcomed to the organisation and how Inmarsat’s processes and the technology meant he still felt part of a team and fully engaged in starting a new role.