Every second counts in a crisis. For all volunteers, first responders and crews on the ground, reliable lines of communication define how quickly you can reach those in danger and the success of the mission. When disaster strikes and terrestrial networks go down, be ready to stay connected, stay safe and save lives with our satellite-enabled connectivity services.

Emergency response

We have been at the forefront of emergency response and humanitarian efforts for over 40 years. It is at the very core of our heritage. When the unexpected happens and the chips are stacked against you, we deliver essential connectivity for first responders – even in the most challenging situations.

With the support of our global partners, we can help you coordinate an effective emergency response within minutes of getting boots on the ground. Whether it is deploying our IsatPhone 2 handset to connect with other first responders or using our BGAN service to co-ordinate field operations, we can help you save lives and keep your crews safe.

Disaster relief

In the aftermath of disaster, the next challenge is coordinating the delivery of aid. When the focus shifts from rescuing survivors to meeting their basic needs, you need to ensure you have the necessary connectivity to build efficient supply chains, quickly. It can be the difference between life and death. We take our responsibility to deliver connectivity seriously, to help you stay operational and saving lives.

With our connectivity services, frontline staff can make voice calls, send text messages and do all that’s necessary to distribute aid efficiently – no matter where they are in the world. Our connectivity can even be used to track key shipments of food, tents, blankets and other lifesaving equipment so that your work has the greatest impact in the field.

Post-disaster reconstruction

Long after TV cameras have left the scene, we know you are still on the ground picking up the pieces and focusing on recovery, rebuilding and securing the future of communities. This is no easy task. But we understand restoring community life can be hampered by not being able to access reliable connectivity. We’re here to change that.

Our high-speed LX service, can help you and local communities access the reliable voice and data connectivity you need to implement sustainable development initiatives. Whether it is enabling isolated communities to access healthcare or supporting children access eLearning courses online, we can help you rebuild sustainable and more resilient communities long after a crisis has passed.

related services


Ultra-reliable voice and data communications to support you and your operations, no matter where you are in the world.

IsatPhone 2

Our powerful, dependable and rugged satellite phone connects you wherever you are on the planet.

Land Xpress (LX)

Our unrivalled satellite broadband service that helps land-based organisations build a more efficient, safer and sustainable world.

Why Inmarsat?

  • Global coverage: We have you covered with connectivity and support wherever you are. We have a presence in over 60 countries and partner networks which span the globe.
  • Reliability: We operate the most reliable satellite network in the world. With over 40 years of experience, we understand your industry and the unique challenges it faces in today’s world.
  • Security: We are committed to highly secure operations at all times. Our privately-owned satellite network is managed by cybersecurity experts 24/7/365.


  • Increase operational efficiencies: By choosing Inmarsat you are choosing to operate more efficiently. Our services and solutions can be deployed over and over again, easily, simply and without engineering support.
  • Improve disaster readiness: We are always ready to support you in the event of a disaster. Our ‘always on’ approach means pre-positioned equipment can be tested at base, building the confidence and familiarity that saves lives in the field.
  • Health and safety: Safety is at the core of everything we do. It is in our DNA. Our services and solutions help connect your workers so they can communicate with base, and each other from the field.
  • Increase charitable donations: We help you tell your story. With our connectivity services and solutions, you can share images and video anywhere on the planet.

Case studies

Case study: UK Space Agency International Partnership Programme

Reducing the impact of natural disasters by using satellite communications and IsatPhone 2 in the Philippines.

Case study: Team Rubicon UK

Inmarsat gets behind Team Rubicon UK to assist with emergency response efforts.

Case study: BBC Media Action

Inmarsat supplies Global Xpress (GX) communications for BBC Media Action in Sierra Leone in charity partnership.