Pull up, pop up, transmit

Expeditionary military, homeland security, civilian and humanitarian operators throughout the world depend upon applications that consume massive volumes of data for ‘on-the-move’ and ‘on-the-pause’ communications.

Through the very latest and most advanced satellite technologies, they take advantage of data, voice and video capabilities that are flexible and cost-effective, wherever and whenever they need them. Whether a commander leading a mission, a federal official responding to a local emergency, or a head of state conducting international affairs, government users seek highly available connectivity for reliable access to the information and services essential for mission success.

The ultimate in flexibility and portability

With ease of use in small, lightweight and affordable satcom terminals that are no bigger than a laptop, BGAN readily translates to any ‘grab and go’ situation. Unlike fixed satellite systems which require set assembly, commissioning and tear down resources, BGAN is a completely portable communications enabler, providing seamless transition through satellite footprints meaning you can focus on the mission at hand wherever it takes you.

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Ease of use

With BGAN, you can gain satellite communication connections within minutes without dealing with complicated file and frequency settings. The result? More time to focus on the mission at hand.

Superior performance

BGAN brings situational awareness and command and control (C2) down to dismounted users. It provides constant, simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data on a worldwide basis - whether chosen as a flexible, stand-alone primary terminal, a fast, stable streaming service, or to complement services available from government networks.

BGAN ensures fast, cost-effective access to reliable high-speed data, while simultaneously supporting core voice and legacy data services, such as integrated services for digital networks (ISDNs). Users can send and receive emails with large file attachments, comfortably run complex applications and make voice calls all at the same time – and in a cost-efficient way.

Wide range of small, easy-to-use terminals

BGAN is accessible through a wide range of small, lightweight, quick and easy to set-up ruggedized satellite terminals, with simple and intuitive interfaces. It operates globally in ‘on-the-pause’ static locations, as well as on vehicles on the move.

The smallest terminals start at about 1.5 kgs and are designed to support single users. The larger portable terminals offer WLAN capability and are particularly suitable for small teams looking to establish an immediate field office. All terminals are rigorously tested to Inmarsat’s exacting standards so they’re fully compatible with the BGAN network.


BGAN’s high performance and flexibility doesn’t come at a high price. Terminal costs are low and ample airtime pricing package options allow users to match the service precisely to their operational needs, ensuring that they always have cost-effective satellite communications to carry out their mission, anywhere. 

System features

A single BGAN terminal enhances simultaneous voice and data up to 492kbps, enabling users to access the Internet or send emails and talk on the phone at the same time. Our technology innovation offers extended bandwidth options.

BGAN enables email, Internet and Intranet access via a secure VPN connection at speeds up to 492kbps over a shared channel.

BGAN supports guaranteed data on demand at rates in excess of 384kbps. Specific data rates can be selected, depending on your application.


The BGAN HDR streaming service brings the fastest, non-contended data rates. With bandwidth up to 650kbps in a single channel and the opportunity to double that by bonding two channels, this service is particularly well suited for high-quality video and imagery applications.

Through Assured Access, users receive a guaranteed data rate within a defined geographic region that can be shared with more than one terminal. 

Users can make voice calls at the same time as accessing data applications. Voicemail is also available and Group 3 fax is supported via the voice channel. 

This plan allows users to share a chosen data package within a small or large group of terminals. It is ideal for departments and agencies that need a number of different terminals operating at the same time.

“The BGAN terminal provided us with a self-sufficient communication infrastructure for accessing to the worldwide web, making it perfect for a robust data transmission even when public networks are no longer available due to overloading or destruction.” 

Eduard Maul, Siemens C-Lab, which developed the RFID solution for the German Red Cross Frankfurt

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