In an uncertain world, we believe in certainty. Communication certainty. Anywhere, at any time and in any situation. We don’t just believe it’s possible, we’ve built the satellite network that uniquely makes it so.

World leading reliability

When your mission depends on an absolute trust in your communications link, you can rely on us. We alone combine inter-networked, overlapping satellite constellations with secure satellite access stations, paired redundancy and automatic back up switching to deliver the world’s most reliable global satellite communications network – unmatched at 99.9%.

Built to move

Unconstrained mobility is critical for government operations. Unlike others, our satellite network responds in real time, requiring no advanced planning to move across the globe. Communicate on the move or on the pause with no prior notice. All made possible by our uniquely designed multi-satellite, multi-band service, all within a single network. Delivering a seamless communications network for your operational teams and the ultimate in borderless flexibility.

Built to fit

When you need something to meet your specific mission requirements, turn to us. We own our satellite network and ground stations, giving our global team of engineers the capability to build bespoke solutions others simply can’t.

First for innovation

Getting ahead and staying there are two different things. That’s why we invest more than $600M a year to stay at the forefront of technology. We built the world’s first satellite network for global mobility, and the first worldwide network offering Safety of Life at Sea. Up next? The first network to provide user terminal visibility of multiple satellites from any given location. Discover our future-proof solutions that governments depend on.

Focus on


The greatest capability amplifier on aeronautical mission is an effective communication link. Inmarsat provides communication certainty at any altitude, latitude and longitude.


Global, reliable connectivity on the ground with options to suit every operational requirement.


Inmarsat’s maritime satellite connectivity provides communications certainty to governments around the world for operational communications, C4ISR and safety services at sea.

Strategic Programmes

With 40+ years’ satellite communications experience, Inmarsat is the future-proof partner for governments wishing to combine sovereign capability with commercial innovation.

US Government

A trusted partner to the U.S. public sector, Inmarsat Government delivers the world’s most advanced global, mobile satellite communication solutions and managed network services.


Since 1979, we have been entrusted with supplying crucial communications services to over 80 nations and we do not take this trust lightly.  

Having delivered uninterrupted support for over 40 years, we understand how government decision-making must continue to investigate the viability and efficiency of all procurement choices. And, having delivered continuous service to governments for these 40 years, we welcome the opportunity to prove our viability and efficiency as your communications partner.

We’re here to assist you in making smart choices for your requirements.

Because we own both our satellite network and ground stations, our global team of engineers have the capability to build bespoke government solutions others simply can’t. Because our business model is fully funded, you can be certain these solutions are future proof.

However, healthy market competition keeps us all striving for better outcomes. Whoever you choose as your satellite communications partner, all we ask is that you make sure they can tick these boxes.

Smart Choice Checklist

  • The ability to provide quality connection wherever you need to go, seamlessly, without the delay of pre-booking satellite space.
  • The functionality to allow you to run multiple networks, mix and match terminals, no matter where you are — air, land, or sea. 
  • Global network consistency to provide you the same quality connection anywhere on the globe.
  • Reliability and redundancy to give you peace of mind that you’ll never be without communications, especially when you need it most.
  • Offers a full suite of truly integrated services including: system design, build, installation, bandwidth, training, and support.


As military communications evolve, so too do we by, augmenting and supporting defence applications through innovative solutions. We connect those who protect.

Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance ISR

Modern ISR operations require simultaneous sharing and receiving of real-time information.. Inmarsat delivers the broadband link that ensures situational awareness.

Border security

Staying connected is critical to secure a country’s boundaries. Our satellites deliver the seamless broadband data and voice services required, worldwide.

Emergency response

In times of crisis, immediate interoperable communications form the backbone of successful missions.. You can rely on us for communication certainty.

Special forces

As independent operating teams requiring flat, fast command and control, Special Forces teams rely on Inmarsat for COTM and BLOS capability.

Head of state

We provide a high priority, global, flexible connectivity that meets the demanding needs of 24/7 connectivity.

Civil services

We partner with civil governments to guarantee seamless service delivery for crucial roles such as public health, elections and transportation.

Blue force tracking

We enable situational awareness and command and control down to dismounted soldiers and deliver highly reliable, secure satellite-based capabilities that are flexible and scalable.


As the satellite cornerstone of GMDSS and the first operator to comply with ICAO requirements, we provide certainty in safety services.

US Government

A trusted partner to the U.S. public sector, Inmarsat Government delivers the world’s most advanced global, mobile satellite communication solutions and managed network services.

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