No matter the theatre of operation, we connect those who protect.  

As the military communications sector evolves, so too do we continue to augment and support defence applications with innovative communications solutions that provide communications certainty. We've been supporting sailors, soldiers and aircrew to carry out their duties on military operations for many years.

Defence satcom systems improving morale and welfare

Crew morale and quality of life has gained increasing focus in the defence sector with the proliferation of smartphones and devices in general society. It is recognised that a connection home for deployed service personnel is no longer a luxury, it is now considered a necessity in order to both attract and retain crew. Inmarsat has worked with end user clients across the world to deliver a Global Xpress (G2XSea) system that allows for an improved means of keeping in contact with their families and the rest of the world during deployments, all while ensuring that the mission commander has access to the necessary bandwidth required for command and control applications.

Logistics support with military satcom systems

Real time supply chain management allows a logistics commander to stay connected with vital, and sometimes scarce, supplies while on mission. By integrating logistics tracking applications into Inmarsat’s broadband land, maritime and airborne solutions, you can control the supply chain all the way back to the point of embarkation, and even monitor the condition of stores in transit via our M2M satcom services. The opportunity to stay connected with these stores and the mission teams puts the control of essential supplies in the hands of those most in need.

Just-in-time maintenance of critical assets can also be realistically achieved through our M2M services. Monitoring equipment status remotely makes maintenance planning a more efficient activity, even for such simple tasks as refuelling. And with today’s logistics support chain extending to the defence equipment supplier, this monitoring enables specialist support at the front line.

Coalition operations

Today's coalition commanders operate in a complex, multinational environment with responsibility for land, maritime, and air assets deployed to any region of the world. Inmarsat’s wide portfolio of satellite communications services is recognised as being part of their key force-enabling technologies.

We provide defence satellite services that can help maximise your operational effectiveness and chances of mission success, by delivering secure, reliable mobile broadband services that enable true interoperability on a global basis – on land, at sea, and in the air. Coalition forces across multi-national countries can also be connected through our global, mobile, completely flexible network.

Partnership means being there after the mission is completed 

We understand that being a true partner to Defence doesn’t stop at the end of a successful mission.  Inmarsat supports a number of charities in the Defence sector, providing the critical communications tools to help them spread the word as they launch their fundraising missions.  

Norway 75

In June 2018, a team of 8, which included serving and former Royal Marines, traversed the length of Norway by sea and land, retelling heroic stories of WWII combined Commando raids in unique and captivating ways, and commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the infamous Telemark raids. Inmarsat sponsored the team they embarked on this historical journey throughout Norway, raising funds and awareness for The Royal Marines Charity.


The British Armed Forces set out on a medical expedition earlier this year testing the effect of high altitude at 8,167m on the world’s 7th highest mountain – Dhaulagiri. Our satcoms were relied upon for critical comms to base-camp and to access weather updates in the inhospitable and demanding environment, as well as for staying in touch with home.

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