The world’s population is growing. Urbanisation is accelerating. The demand for goods and services is exploding, transforming the way global supply chains function. This puts pressure on the transport industry to optimise its operations to satisfy a heightening demand, while improving sustainability and ensuring worker safety along the way, no matter where they are. Does this sound like an impossible task? We don’t think so.

Working across rail, multi-modal logistics and freight, we are supporting the transport sector’s ability to harness technology to transform the way you work, no matter where you are located in the global supply chain. Whether it is delivering supply chain transparency and improving operational efficiencies across South America or enhancing worker and passenger safety in Australia, our bespoke connectivity services and solutions have got you covered.

Optimising rail operations

Managing an expansive rail network is in no way a simple task. Whether it is optimising network capacity or keeping crews safe, challenges arise daily. Yet, a lack of terrestrial coverage hampers the visibility you have over your networks, compromising your ability to deploy technologies that can help you transport cargo efficiently, safely and sustainably. Don’t worry, we have the services and solutions to help you change this.

With the support of our global partners, we can provide you with ultra-reliable telematics, control and communications solutions anywhere globally. Do you want to be able to track and communicate with your trains wherever they are? Do you want the tools to monitor weather-susceptible remote rail environments to reduce network downtime? Are you struggling to stay connected with remote maintenance crews? Or perhaps you even want to automate your train operation? With our satellite-enabled connectivity, you can improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of your rail operations and harness the benefits of technology, no matter where you are operating.


Having visibility of your fleet is key to optimising your operations. We know that the greater awareness you have over vehicle locations and the health and status of drivers and cargo, the easier it is to optimise your operations and keep your staff safe. But in order to have continuous visibility over your fleet, you need reliable connectivity. That’s where we come in.

Our satellite services make telemetry data such as location, speed and engine diagnostics always available to you and your control centre operators, no matter where your networks are. This gives you the tools you need to effectively manage diverse fleets of vehicles wherever they are in the world, ensuring drivers are safe and cargo is delivered on time. Why not take charge of your fleets today and access real-time telemetry data with satellite-enabled connectivity? 

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Stay connected with your remote teams, no matter where they are in the world.


Ultra-reliable voice and data communications to support you and your operations, no matter where you are in the world.

IsatData Pro

IsatData Pro is ideal for remotely managing fixed assets including tracking and telemetry, operating in real time anywhere in the world.

Cabin communications 

Staying in continuous contact with drivers can be a challenge in isolated, far-flung locations without terrestrial connectivity. But we realise how important it is for the safety and efficiency of your supply chain. Whether it is delivering supply chain transparency and improving efficiencies across South America with our IDP service, or enhancing worker and passenger safety in Australia with BGAN we can help you improve your operations.

We can ensure you have the connectivity you need to have instant, two-way contact with your entire fleet with our BGAN PTT solution Just think about it: from anywhere in the world, your drivers, warehouses, despatch control and customers can receive access to the latest information about hold-ups and other problems, in real-time. Even better, this gives you the tools to respond more quickly to emergencies and help drivers expedite deliveries, optimising the efficiency and productivity of your network.

Why Inmarsat? 

  • Global coverage: We have you covered with connectivity and support wherever you are. We have a presence in over 60 countries and partner networks which span the globe.
  • Reliability: We operate the most reliable satellite network in the world. With over 40 years of experience, we understand your industry and the unique challenges it faces in today’s world.
  • Security: We are committed to highly secure operations at all times. Our privately-owned satellite network is managed by cybersecurity experts 24/7/365.


  • Increase efficiencies: Our services and solutions help you understand exactly where your assets are, optimise your capacity and allow real-time condition monitoring of critical components for improved maintenance.
  • Improve visibility: From fleet management down to insights on the status of individual goods in transit, we can help you capture data in real-time and provide you with actionable supply chain data.
  • Health and safety: Safety is at the core of everything we do. We can help you to monitor and communicate with your remote workers and remote drivers, as well as enabling industry recognised rail management.
  • In-transit security: We can help you securely move, store and make sense of your data from people, vehicles, machines and sensors anywhere on the planet.
  • Sustainability: Our services and solutions can help you optimise fuel usage and minimise emissions.

Case studies

Case Study: Rumo

Using BGAN PTT to optimise efficiency and improve safety across Rumo Rail’s network in Brazil.

Case Study: Valec

See how Valec tapped into our BGAN PTT solution to implement a sophisticated traffic control system and stay connected with crews.

Case Study: Ansaldo STS

Discover how Inmarsat’s satellite connectivity supports evolution of the ERTMS train signalling system on European railways.

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