Exceed expectations in business aviation

As one of the first new services to be introduced on our innovative ELERA satellite network, SwiftJet will enter commercial service in the first half of 2023 and deliver the fastest-ever inflight connectivity speeds over L-band to the business aviation industry.

Unlocking a range of new use cases and possibilities, SwiftJet will offer maximum speeds of 2.6 Mbps across global flight routes, up to six times faster than our existing business aviation L-band connectivity solution. It will ensure an unrivalled and seamless experience that exceeds the passengers’ expectations.

Unlocking a world of new possibilities 

We understand that the needs of business aviation change almost as fast as jets can fly. Today, principals are demanding faster connections across more devices, allowing them to stay in control whenever and wherever they’re flying. Fuelled by a desire to constantly push the boundaries of what is achievable and deliver the best possible service, SwiftJet is our latest ground-breaking global connectivity solution for business aviation.

It is a welcome game-changer that unlocks an enhanced onboard experience. For pressing business matters, SwiftJet allows users to create a secure ‘office in the sky’ with enhanced capabilities to conduct video calls, access all of their emails wherever and whenever they need them, cloud-sync their documents and utilise collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. Just as important, during treasured downtime it allows video chats with friends and family. Even social media and video applications such as TikTok and YouTube will be enabled, which were previously challenging over L-band.

This is all backed by L-band’s characteristic resilience, security and dependability. And because SwiftJet increases the number of devices that can be connected at any one time, every user can enjoy faster speeds.  

Available with a simple upgrade

SwiftJet uses enhanced hardware from our partner Honeywell, which can be equipped on a broad range of aircraft and also supports cockpit and safety services. 

For those that already enjoy our SwiftBroadband (SBB) service, upgrading to SwiftJet has a natural upgrade path without the need to replace any externally-mounted aircraft equipment. New customers will experience the same ease of installation as with any Inmarsat L-band terminal.  

The service also creates new opportunities in the smaller jet market, which have previously been restricted to basic voice or text connectivity that fails to meet the needs of today’s travellers. 

Backed by ELERA – our reinvigorated network

Unlocking the true potential of L-band connectivity for business aviation has been made possible through Inmarsat ELERA, our reinvigorated L-band satellite network.

Designed for global mobility, ELERA has a proven track record of delivering the world’s most robust, reliable and flexible global connectivity. It has unique resilience and global redundancy. This dynamism makes it an essential catalyst for progress, while at the same time meeting the demands of today’s rapidly changing world.

These capabilities will be further enhanced with the addition of two Inmarsat-6 satellites, the largest and most sophisticated commercial communications satellites ever built, both of which are scheduled to enter service in 2023 and will support SwiftJet well into the 2030s and beyond, reinforcing the service’s long-term value.

The L-band capacity on each of these sixth-generation satellites will be substantially greater than our fourth-generation spacecraft and, among other enhancements, will deliver 50% more capacity per beam in addition to unlimited beam routing flexibility.

Contact your preferred distribution partner now

Customers can now engage with our SwiftJet global distribution partners Satcom Direct and Honeywell, as well as aircraft manufacturers and installation providers, to discuss price plans, service contracts, upgrade feasibility, and more. SwiftJet will enter service in the first half of 2023.

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