With close to 30 years’ experience as a pioneering aviation connectivity services provider, our market-leading inflight connectivity solutions are built to fly. We are trusted by the world’s most respected airlines, leading OEMs, the business aviation community and the industry’s safety and regulatory authorities to keep cockpit and cabin connected at 35,000 feet. 

Our wholly-owned and operated connectivity networks are uniquely designed for aviation. This gold standard delivers passenger satisfaction, customer loyalty, operational efficiencies and safety critical services now, and thanks to our fully-funded technology roadmap, well into the future.

Seamless, consistent, reliable, high-speed global connectivity has modernised aviation – with the promise of further exciting changes to come. We proudly stand at the vanguard of this transformation.


    Our aviation solutions

    Inflight Wi-Fi

    Our award-winning GX Aviation and EAN inflight broadband solutions have transformed the onboard experience, so passengers can stream, browse, game and more.

    Airline operations and maintenance

    Connected technologies can be applied to almost every aspect of airline operations, allowing our customers to unlock vast commercial and performance opportunities.


    Our market-leading Classic Aero and SB-S services offer global coverage, full redundancy and unrivalled cybersecurity, as well as 99.9% availability worldwide.

    Business & General

    Seamless and reliable inflight connectivity has never been more important for business aviation passengers.


    Inmarsat is uniquely positioned to unlock the true potential of Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones.

    Aviation Insights

      Our aviation connectivity services

      Our next generation solutions make the full potential of the complete connected aircraft a reality

      Case Studies


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